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The public inauguration will start at 11:55 Monday.

Posted: Jan 19, 2013



no one mentioning - that it is also

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Martin Luther King day. How contradictorial!

Guess they were - a little too busy

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promoting and participating in National Day of Service (while foks at gun shows marking Gun Appreciation Day were accidentally shooting themselves and others).

Burrville Elementary painting and repair

Join President Obama in a National Day of Service

Sandy clean-up efforts

Hurricane Sandy

Fun making homemade greeting cards

Assembling care packages for US Service Members, Wounded Warriors, Veterans and First Reponders

Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. participated in the National Day of Service at the Unite America in Service event on Saturday in Washington.

LA food bank volunteers

Planting trees in Atlanta

Book drive for kids

Handing out pamphlets at National Mall

Painting murals at schools and fire stations

Rustling up some grub and the DC Central Kitchen

Volunteers for MADD drunk driving victims advocacy


....just generally heeding Dr. King's call to service.  





Only promoting himself - and not really caring

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about Sandy Hook or anyone involved in that community.

what I meant was nobody on THIS board was acknowledging MLK day...not Obama...he obviously chose that day for a reason and it has nothing to do with HIS integrity. He couldn't even walk in MLKs shadow if he tried! MLK was an honorable man. We could sure use more like him in this day and age...but I guess it was a "gun" that took him away too, and not the person behind the "gun." Sad what this world has become!
Narrow, hate-propaganda-tinged minds produce insignificant conclusions that are - easily dismissed.
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This kind of vitriolic spew only appeals to the most marginalized individuals among the ever-increasingly irrelevant fringe of our nation's political sphere. Sad to see these people, determined to undermine the simple, basic value of Americans coming together for a common cause, make a conscious, uninformed choice to wallow around in their own self pity rather than to participate in the exceedingly rewarding experience of volunteering to participate in and embody the spirit of National Day of Service.
nuttier than a bridge mix - sm
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I can't even begin to figure out what you are trying to get at. I certainly cannot figure out why you pulled Sandy Hook into this. Apparently, you are not aware that inauguration day is assigned by the U.S constitution.
Ignorance is the only answer. - Enough said. nm
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Have you read the Constitution lately. The president...sm - VTMT
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elect does not "pick" the day of his inauguration. Your statement is just ignorant.
so is yours. nm - nm
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nm nm nm nm nm nm nm nm nm nm

The pictures of - sm

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Obamas, Biden, Clinton are nothing more than political photo ops.

wow, you must be running out of material... - sm

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Martin Luther King Day is celebrated on 1/21 this year. His actual birthday is 1/15. Funny how you called it contra"dictorial", though! I think your bias is showing.

Haven't you heard? - According to Newsweek

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it's really the Second Coming.

I'll pick you up on the corner ;-) - bootstraps

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One of my children and friends are on their way now, air mattresses in tow. I was quite jealous when I heard they scored some prime tickets, but I shall live vicariously through the tweets and Facebook reports ;-)

They are also really pumped it's MLK Day.

You are right though, not a good time to tour D.C., but when you're young and experiencing the euphoria of celebrating history, crowds and other nuisances of same are trivial!

That's a smaller crowd - sm

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than the 2009 Tea Party Rally.


Not quite - bootstraps

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According to some - it's already happened

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"Jimmy Kimmel sent someone out to interview people about how they felt about President Obama’s inauguration, which of course hasn’t even taken place yet. Go to about 1:00 in the video and watch."

These are probably the same one who said Michelle won the First Ladies Debate - The Sarge - sm

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They actually had the audacity to say the watched the First Ladies debate on TV and Michelle won. The most pathetic thing was they actually believe this.

There are some seriously stupid people in this country.

...and some that are seriously snide and spiteful - ones, too. nm

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That's for certain too. Why I lost interest in what the libs have to say - The Sarge - nm
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You can bet your bottom dollar the - feeling is mutual. nm
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Seriously stupid. That's funny - and true. - LM

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Thank GOD I don't have cable. - I'd rather have root canal

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2016 can't come soon enough.

Don't count on it. - NM

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Oh, don't kid yourself. They will have his mug on every channel. - I'll watch Honey BooBoo.

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Figures. Fox and Honey Boo Boo, exactly what I would expect. - nm

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And when that's over, I'll watch Lizard Lick. (sm) - me
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Quality programming, all. Can't watch Fox, even they will have his mug all over the screen.

unsurprising viewing choice - nm

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