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$1 million donations wanted for Obama inauguration

Posted: Jan 9, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — Planners of President Barack Obama's second inauguration are making an unprecedented solicitation for high-dollar contributions up to $1 million to help pay for the celebration in exchange for special access. The changes are part of a continuing erosion of Obama's pledge to keep donors and special interests at arm's length of his presidency. He has abandoned the policy from his first inauguration to accept donations up to only $50,000 from individuals, announcing last month that he would take unlimited contributions from individuals and corporations. http://townhall.com/news/politics-elections/2013/01/08/1-million-donations-wanted-for-obama-inauguration-n1484954;

He can pay for his own inaugeration! - the country is broke!

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or he can skip the ceremonies altogether...nothing has changed any. same old, same old.

Donations are voluntary and come from those who - probably know

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their own financial status better than you do. Whether or not they elect to donate is really nobody else's business. No one is forcing you to participate, so YOU can skip the ceremonies while the remainder of Americans who so desire celebrate the beginning of our president's second term.

Actually, the USA is EXTREMELY wealthy. - We're not really broke. We just stuffed

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our money in investments and fancy cars, gave vast amounts to our favorite children, but haven't bothered to pay our dentist or put a new roof on the house.

A great analogy - for how our govt. misspends

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all the taxes they claim they need.
How our government misspends - bootstraps
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How I interpreted the analogy:

Investments = 2 senseless wars

Our favorite children: Halliburton since they made huge money on the 2 senseless war investments

Haven't bothered to pay our dentist or put a new roof on the house: Our crumbling infrastructure in investment in our own country.

that's what donations are - nm

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If you're not donating - RC

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What is there to complain about?

What changed? Why is he now - going against his own policy?

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? Are devotees falling away that dramatically?

which policy? - nm

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2nd paragraph of - original post.

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I see. thanks - nm
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That might make some sense - if he hadn't JUST been reelected..

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Bwah ha.

I think we all know he's just been reelected - but where are his donators

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that he feels the need to reverse course and ask for big donations to cover the gap?

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