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Big donors welcomed for his 2013 inauguration

Posted: Jan 5, 2013

i.e., Microsoft, AT&T, etc., but were banned in 2009. Hurting for money after spending so much to keep his office? ;

"Republicans have posed the deepest moral question of any society: whether we're all in it - together. Their answer is we're not."nm

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(Robert Reich)

The current Republican body knows nothing about morals. - nm

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And selling souvenirs again - unbelievable - cory

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That's circus sideshow stuff. Has any other President of the US ever sold souvenirs to finance their inauguration/campaign? I can't think of any.

virtually every president you can think of sells inaugural souvenirs - Bush, Reagan, Kennedy, Taft, et al

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Clarification - Obama's TEAM sells souvenirs - vs. private enterprise

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Published January 05, 2013
Associated Press

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama's inaugural team is opening an online and brick-and-mortar store to sell souvenirs including a commemorative poster by famed artist Chuck Close.

The Presidential Inaugural Committee launched the online store Thursday. A retail store a few blocks from the White House was scheduled to open Jan. 11. The goods, ranging from $2.50 rulers to $30 champagne flutes to a $7,500 medallion set, also will be sold at some Washington hotels around the Jan. 21 inauguration.

Close, a long-time Obama supporter, designed the $100 poster in the pixelated photorealistic style he is famous for. Only 2,013 are available.

Obama's inaugural committee had a similar store for his first swearing-in four years ago. Proceeds go toward fundraising efforts for the parade, balls and other inaugural celebrations.

Sure, there have been presidential souvenirs in times past, but sold by the campaign itself as opposed to private enterprises?
By the inaugural committees to fund the inauguration, yes. - nm
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Why do you care? - nm
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Yeah, that seems sort of unprofessional to me. - Agree with you
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Gasp! Scandal!!! - clutch the pearls

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Selling souvenirs to help pay for inauguration costs, because otherwise you'd whine and complain about taxpayer money paying for it.

Cheesy. - .

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He's a liberal, so it's okay.

Wonder why the change of heart. - jc

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Anyone know?

I wasn't on this board when Bush was president. - Wondering if there was SM

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such ridiculous nitpicking at every single thing he did or did not do. I am not talking about posts regarding policies they may or may not have agreed with, just stuff like this. I have read posts critizing just about everything this president does. I think just board just reflects the tone of Congress, who just don't like the fact that Obama is black. IMO.

Race card alert! - ;)

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P.S.: The media and the liberals picked apart everything Bush did, soundly criticized his every move, and are still blaming him for everything, just because he's white, IMO. ;)
oh good grief - ...
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you took the OP's remark, turned up the volume to 11, lament that GWB was criticized because he was white, and you have the audacity to accuse the OP of playing the race card!?
They are really out there on this board, aren't they? - Sheesh
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What short memories - we have :)

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The golden years of Obama have made us forget the hatred spewed forth about every single move George W. Bush made. I guess it makes it easier to ignore the real concerns people have with Obama by claiming we're all racists. Wonder what the excuse would be if Obama were white... just curious.
Short memories indeed! I don't recall Bush and his family being...sm - VTMT
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criticized for EVERY SINGLE breath they took. Laura Bush never got blasted and called names like Michelle has. I guess the memory of Laura's trips to Europe and an African safari have been forgotten. What about the $780,000 Laura spent on new china for the White House in 2008 when the economy was in dire straights? I hate the double standards and also believe that a lot of it has to do with a black family in the White House.
Authoritarian followers are clustered in the extremist - remnants of the GOP, and hatefulness is one
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of the unfortunate characteristics they're loaded up with. They're very good at it and simply do not understand that most others don't routinely hate the way they do. Example being the claim that W was the target of unrelenting hate.

I'd like to add that bigots against one group are almost always found to be bigoted against many others. Obama would be treated the way he is if he were white. That's because they have chosen to regard all Americans who don't share their views as worthy of their contempt in all respects, i.e., like...him. Not to say the insane hate directed at the White House wouldn't diminish a bit, but it would change very little, if any, in character. As I pointed out in my post about our first black president.

For you Hatemongers, those of us in the mainstream majority, right, middle, and left, were appalled by many of W's many mistakes, but he was never personally the large-scale focus of the kinds of statements you make. The anger and disgust were at his POLICIES, official and unofficial. Your unrelenting hate is not normal. Thank heavens, or the human race would have destroyed itself long ago.
That's crap. Pure crap. - Dire straits? (sm)
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Laura was (is) a woman with class. Then there is Michelle. Many of Laura's trips to Africa were humanitarian. New china for the WH? Gee, did they take it with them back to Crawford, or was it FOR the Whitehouse? Were Michelle's extravagant sneakers that she wore to help out in a soup kitchen one day property of the Whitehouse? Why were most of the Bush vacations either at his home in Crawford or at Camp David and the Obamas "home" becomes Hawaii (a 4-star resort, yet) when it's vacation time. Their home is Chicago. Let them go there. They really love spending other people's money and throwing it in our collective faces, but some of us are masochists and don't mind. I'm glad I'm not one of them.
Are you really complaining about - sneakers?
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Is your life really THAT bad? Mine isn't.
Then why are you complaining about dishes? - Good Grief - so lame
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I'm not and never have. - Yes, lame.
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Double standards exist and it has nothing to do - with skin color.
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It's just a way for those that didn't vote for whomever may be in power at the time to voice their opposition at whatever is being done at the time. Unfortunately none of it gets forgotten by those that are the targets - I'm certain when a republican president is voted in, he/she and their family will face the same ire from the left Obama and his family are facing now from the right and these comments about money being spent, vacations, etc. will all come back as examples of hypocrisy, not that black people shouldn't be in the White House.

They're just bloodthirsty and view all Democrats as bare necks. - That said, our FIRST black president

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wasn't Obama, it was Clinton. Their stereotype black boogieman. Remember the claims that he was raised on welfare, dealt drugs, committed murder, hung the White House Christmas tree with condoms (my favorite), vandalized and robbed the White House--and even raped a white woman? And on and on and on for over 8 years?

This time around, irritating as this petty, unrelenting malice is, I still find it continually amusing that most slanderers find themselves peculiarly limited in the insults they feel they can get away with with respect to Obama. Birth certificates and inauguration fundraising! LOL!

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