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mio9 cat food...anyone?

Posted: May 4, 2012

I just got this at Big Lots (and like Mikey...they ATE it!!!).  The company is registered in Hong Kong, the product is supposedly made in Thailand.  Chinese products worry me.  There is not much info out there.  I KNOW Fancy Feast is not good for them. 

Has anyone been feeding this for a while.  Any opinions or more info. 

The guys and I thank you.


I wouldn't do it. Better to go with a nutritious, - more $ brand w/out surprise ingredients.

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What's wrong with Fancy Feast? - NM

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My vet refers to Fancy Feast as "candy cat food." - L&L

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The canned F.F. is probably better than the dry. - My 13-y.o. cat is pretty finicky, - sm

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and if I feed her Friskies canned, she just licks all the gravy off and turns her nose up at it. If I feed her F.F. canned, at least she'll eat it. So sometimes you do have to compromise just to get a older cat to eat. My 6-y.o. cat likes Friskies.

For kibble, I had a bad experience with a cat that I had fed Meow-Mix dry food just to tide him over until I could get to the store that sold his regular brand, Royal Canin. Unfortunately, the M-Mix made him throw up a lot (not hairballs, either). Soon afterward he developed kidney problems. I'll never know if it was the cat food that contributed, but I'm suspicious. So I tend to feed a blend, hoping what one lacks, the other will have. Just keeping the older cat eating is my main objective, there. She also probably needs her teeth done, which I can't afford right now, but as soon as I get a better job, that'll be a first priority for me, is a vet visit for the old kitty! Hopefully then she'll eat better.

Also, my mother had a semi-feral cat that over the years became tame and began living indoors. For most of that cat's life, she was a scrawny, scroungy-looking little cat. My sister had had kidney problems in her cats feeding grocery-store cat food, so she switched to something her vet sold, and her cats were amazingly healthy afterwards. So she mentioned my mom's cat to the vet, and the vet gave her a different kind of special food for Mom's cat. And... the difference in how she looks is like night and day. Now she's got a good weight, and is sleek and shiny, with her colors twice as beautiful and vibrant.

I've tried like crazy to feed my cats the best I can afford (which isn't easy on an MT's pay), and it's frustrating because they just won't eat the healthy brands, and it's literally money down the drain every day. So for canned, I get them whatever kind the like best.

For kibble, which I leave out for them to nibble on when they need a snack, I'm suspicious of all brands these days. I've tried healthy brands like Blue Buffalo, Science Diet, etc., and they don't like it. So to make the Royal Canin stretch a little further, I mix it with Nutro Max Cat, or Purina Healthful Life (still grocery-store, but higher quality than Fancy Feast kibble or Meow Mix or others). I look for types that have real chicken or fish as one of the first ingredients.

Was $0.50 for 3-oz can...cheap??? nm - L&L

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No. 50 cents for a 5.5 ounce can - of Friskies at Wal Mart

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And Fancy Feast is kitty crack, but on an occasional basis it's just fine for them. It's too expensive to feed it to them every day. I give mine wet Friskies every day along with their dry.

do they list ingredients on the label? - nm

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The Mio9 has: - L&L

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tuna, water sufficient for processing, shrimp, sunflower oil, potato starch, tricalcium pyosphate, calcium sulfate, KCl, choline chloride, taurine, vit E supplement, zinc oxide, thiamine mononitrate, manganese sulfite, vit A suppl, menodione sodium bisulfate complex (source of vit K activity), riboflavin suppl, piridoxine HCl, folic acid, vit D3 suppl.

Guaranteed analysis: Crude protein 16% min, fat 2% min, fiber 1.5% max, water 76% max, ash 3% max, taurine 0.05% max.

would you eat that? - never

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I know we are on a budget and all, but seriously... your pets health should be important. I would skip a meal a day to provide a better product for my babies.
Same here. - am especially leary
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after the Chinese poison pet food thing a while back ago. I have been using the Instinct on the rec of someone on this board a while back ago and cats seem to like it and look healthy too. Is a little more expensive, but I split one can for two cats for their lunch and dinner, and they get a spoonful of "human" tuna for breakfast, plus dry available for nibbling. Think those cats are spoiled much? LOL!
I switched my kitties to Instinct also - love it
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It is a little more expensive, but knowing they are safe is worth every penny. Plus, I bought the jumbo bag for 40.00 and it has lasted a LONG time!!!
I tried Instinct also... - anon
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dry, rabbit flavor, I believe. They took one bite and spit it out, literally, about four inches from their dish! wouldn't touch it again after that, even if mixed with other dry, and then wouldn't even eat the other dry at all if it was mixed in with it. so i have a whole bag, which cost me 40.00 as well, and nobody wants to touch it. such a waste!
Me too! - Me
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My cats hated the Instinct. Thank goodness I bought the smallest bag they had. I know the ingredients are great, but they won't touch it, even my outside cats won't eat it, I stil have it. I tried a product called Before Grains and my fur babies are doing better on that, a little cheaper too.
Don't you wish all brands sold "sample" size - bags of their food to try?
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I've had so many wasted bags of food I spend good money for, that they won't eat! I think part of the problem is they don't have as much smell (which is what attracts cats to food) or flavor.

What I do with un-wanted bags of cat food is I give it to my neighbor, who is a feral cat-feeder. Those hungry kitties will eat anything!

Maybe you can hook up with a feral-feeder in your area who would LOVE to have a big 40-lb. bag of food! You may be out the money, but you'd have the satisfaction of knowing you were helping other kitties.
Same here - found something better they love - sm
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Well, maybe better is not the correct word, but found a product just as good that my cats love. There are 8 different cats I tried getting to eat the Instinct. Some sniffed and walked away, others spit it out. I tried mixing it with their regular food, they ate the regular and spit out the Instinct. Some didn't eat for two days, so I said forget that. I found another product that is grain free and high quality ingredients. Its called Blue. I bought a chicken and salmon kibble and they love both. Also I buy the cans of flaked chicken. When you open it it smells delicious and like something I would eat myself. They all love it. They also make a flaked Salmon they love. I'm not sure if it's more expensive just because it's good for them and I don't want to go to anything else, so have no interest in price comparison.
Humane Society loves donations! LOL - Angie
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U could either drop off an Humane Society or call em and they may even pick up. They use all kinds of food. Just a suggestion, so as not to waste.
Tuna and seafood on a regular basis is not good for them - Happy MT Robin
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Especially if you have a male cat who tends towards stones, like I do. Too much seafood can lead to higher levels of mercury in the cats. Lucky the Wondercat had to have surgery a couple of years ago because of a blockage that was radiographically occult and the vet said to keep him away from seafood and organ meats because of his propensity now for this particular type of stone.
LOL - I have a "Wondercat", too! Mine is the - "Wonder Cat From Outer Space". ;)
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There is a website that compares dog/cat - foods SM
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but can't remember the name. Just try typing that in google.

Mio9 cat food - love tonks

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I just bought Mio9 at Big Lots, too, after reading the ingredients. First ingredient was tuna, second was water for processing and third was chicken or squid or sea bream (whatever was on the front of the can). No preservatives, artificial ingredients, etc. And, for 50 cents a can! Checked it out on Amazon and this stuff goes for over $2 for a 3oz can. Can't wait to try it and see if they like it!

mio9 cat food - Jo

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I bought several cans at Big Lots about a month ago and my cats loved it!! When I went back 2 weeks later, Big Lots was all out of it. I'd love to know where to buy it, but I certianly can't afford $2 a can. Help.

Mio9 Cat Food - catwoman

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Am trying this for my cats now. Good ingredients listed on the label, no wheat gluten, tuna is the first ingredient, includes some vitamins. We feed canned in the morning and at dinner time. They get a small portion of candy or as my vet calls dry food "potato chips" in the evening to hold them over until we get up to feed.
Take a good look at that kibble you are feeding...what's the first ingredient? In many cases it's corn meal (not good for animals) and then some other filler with the only protein source listed 5th or later! Your kibble should list a solid protein source first - beef, chicken, turkey, fish, etc. Pay a little more and try to go as grain free as possible! Oatmeal is good as are fruits and vegetables in cat food. The little darlings are carnivores after all so MEAT needs to come first! Some house brands, Costco, PetSmart, etc. are superior to some of the name brands.

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