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Co-author of Art of the Deal says

Posted: May 18, 2017

and will find a way to quit but claim victory.  I have to agree with him.


OPINIONS are worth what? Co-author - worked for Hillary.

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Do you think he has insider knowledge of Trump?

"Last year, Schwartz repeatedly criticized Trump despite having worked with him. He also advised the Hillary Clinton campaign for free."

Going to have to go digging for FACTS before you get the attention of anyone but Trump haters.

Maybe you should look at the "facts" about - what is going on now

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I think this article is spot on as far as Trump in meltdown mode. Maybe he criticized him because he did know him. Trump is a conman and nothing more.

It is an OPINION piece and I doubt this - man has any inside FACTS regarding Trump

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Opinions are as worthless as ANONYMOUS leakers to left-wing media. This OPINION was given to left-wing media.
And it is also Your Opinion - that the media is fake and
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left-wing. This man wrote a book with the man and has more knowledge of him than any of his supporters do. We can just let this all play out and see!
My opinion is that the media is left-wing - and spins the news to suit their agenda
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You get an opinion piece from a guy who worked for Hillary. No opinion piece to balance this opinion from a person to support Trump. Left-wing media isn't necessarily fake, it is just incomplete and certainly not balanced.
Where on earth did you get that he "worked" - for Hillary?
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He said he advised her campaign for free. He's also donating his share of the proceeds from the Art of the Deal to charity.

He actually knows Trump so I would trust his opinion way before yours.

Opinions - AnonMT

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I am totally convinced that no matter what Trump says or does or how much danger he puts this country in, his sheeple followers will never ever say anything against him....

He's taking down the whole country and you defend him to the bitter end. and please find another way to defend him other than throwing Hillary, Bill, Bush, and now Comey at anyone who differs from your point of view.

This issue above all others is...is Donald Trump fit to be president...can he discharge the duties of president from this point forward. That's it...that's all we need to be sure of.

Also agree - Burt the Cat

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He has already admitted that the job is harder than he thought. It's obvious to many of us that he is in way over his head and even the few professionals he has working for his administration will not be able to save him.

HR McMaster fell on a grenade for Trump - and now he has

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diminished himself in front of everybody who has respected and admired him as a warrior and a scholar. That is really sad, and it wasn't worth it.

Some who know McMaster - old and burned out

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have said he is doing this for the good of the country. He knows how few truly competent individuals there are in this administration and if he does not support Trump he will also be fired and the country will be much worse off. It is sadder for him than anyone.

Like Colin Powell - nm

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Elections don't mean much in this country. - mt

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Trump is more qualified than anyone to be president. They are trying very hard to impeach and I believe they will. What a terrible shame.

The deep state took down Nixon. They tried to take down Reagan.

The deep state owns the country. This isn't really a democracy. It is an oligarchy. The book I'm reading describes our oligarchy as psychopaths and satanists. They worship Lucifer. I guess people with special privileges like this type of government.

Should add that both of these presidents, Nixon - mt

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and Reagan, I believe won their elections by 49 states.

See quote - Burt the Cat

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I don't know what qualifications you think someone needs to be president but Trump clearly doesn't have any of them. Nixon engaged in criminal activities and that's what took him down.

“As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.” — H. L. Mencken

Curious - old and burned out

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What are the qualifications you think one needs to be president?

I agree that we have an oligarchy but the - psychopath is the one in office

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I would like to know why you think Trump is more qualified than anybody to be president.

I think all politicians are crooks but so is Trump. I'm sure there is someone out there that is right for the office and for the people but it ain't Trump.
I think that what we have is an oligarchy - mt
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dictatorship that has Trump under surveillance. They listen to everything he says and anything that could be seen as negative, they give to the media, which they own.

They have made up a charge of Russia collusion and will investigate it forever, a bogus investigation just as they do to Targeted Individuals.

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