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This is a bipartisan problem

Posted: May 15, 2017

We are going to advance ourselves right into oblivion if something doesn't stop this constant need for better and better technology.  Though I know it is human nature to want to make things better, I have noticed in my lifetime more and more dangerous situations created from advancing technology to the levels we have and are continuing to do.

This article mentions the FBI, Homeland Security, etc., are all concerned at what is going on and how bad the situation is with cyberattacks.  In the 60 minutes intervieew with Comey back in 2014 he mentioned how disturbing it was when the iPhone of that terrorist couldn't be de-coded by the government because Apple created a phone that could not be broken into it by the government (or anybody else) to get information from it that could help in the case.  Now Trump is calling an emergency meeting over cyberattacks.

It's a constant fight to keep one step ahead of the "bad guys."  We create a way to block them, then they figure out a way to get past that.  We have always had crime and I don't think anyone would deny that, but I have never seen such threats as we are having today with our personal information, government information, company information as we have now.

We all use the internet but I also feel since it's creation, we have unleashed more dangerous times. 

Just my opinion but am interested to hear other's thoughts on this.


I am glad President Trump is taking this seriously - whilst his predecessors did not.

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There are a lot of threats to the USA right now, not only cyberattacks. We must all come together as Americans and show support for our country!

While I agree the president should - take it seriously

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so did his predecessors. Your comment shows that you are not "coming together."

I don't think any administration has not taken this seriously. It is advancements in technology that are hurting us.

If Trump finds the "magic pill" then good for him, but I don't think there is a fix. All of us are guilty of letting this stuff happen by relying on technology too much. Unfortunately, the whole world is relying on technology so if we didn't we would really be in trouble. Frankly, I think we as a nation, as a world are self-imploding because of technology going too far.

We shall all be thankful that Hillary Clinton and John - Podesta are no where near

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government PC's.

Why is that? Government - department computers

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were hacked long before theirs. Does Trump still use his unsecured phone to tweet? I know there was something about that but maybe that has changed.

Love your humor! Podesta let in a virus that affected the DNC - and Hillary compromised our

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national security.

Maybe that wasn't humor, but fact!

Anyway, funny!
Not really funny but - whatever
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It could be someone else next time. It could be our water supplies, our electrical grids. A lot of people get taken every day that are not Hillary or Podesta, even republicans.

As my post stated, this is a bipartisan issue so singling out that issue is really just naive.

This is funny because there's truth in it! - LOL!

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Of all the current threats to the US, Trump - is the biggest threat by far.

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The only real solution is to go off the grid so to speak. - We really need some old school

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backup systems. Everything is so dependent on technology.

This is a good post nm - mt

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Thank you. - nm

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We need an apolitical agency for this. Imagine this...your - credit card or medical records get dumped

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into some record data bank, 95% of the info is correct but somebody get's a hold of it and changes it to make it look like you went to a whore house or try to make it look like you've done something wrong. It affects your credibility.

This is why people who say "I have nothing to hide" should rethink that. Hackers can make it look like you have something to hide.

The future is frightening.

The future is very frightening. We have really - opened up a scary world

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Our credit information and medical records go to other countries and can be sold to the highest bidders. We have technology taking over our jobs as transcriptionists and look at the crap that stuff spits out.

It's like everything else. It's good but don't overdo it like we have on a lot of things

Identity theft is a big threat, Social Security, credit cards, - bank accounts, etc.

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