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California Governor spends $25 billion a year on illegals,

Posted: Feb 15, 2017

California Governor Prioritizes Illegals Over Infrastructure that Supports Citizens According to a report from the Washington Times, California Governor Jerry Brown has been spending $25 billion a year supporting illegal immigrants while neglecting the failing Oroville dam. From The Washington Times: “ The flood danger from the Oroville Dam receded Monday, but California was hit by a wave of criticism for failing to heed warnings about risks to the spillway at a time when the state spent generously on illegal immigrants and high-speed rail. California Gov. Jerry Brown, a Democrat, came under fire amid reports that federal and state officials for years rebuffed or ignored calls to fortify the massive 50-year-old dam, which provides water to more than 20 million farmers and residential consumers. “What’s Governor Brown doing?” former state Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, a Republican, asked in a Monday post on Facebook. “The same thing he’s been doing for decades — obstructing progress.” A radio talk show host, Mr. Donnelly said California “has been so busy defying President Donald Trump in order to protect illegal aliens from deportation that it forgot to do the things government is supposed to do, like maintain infrastructure. Governor Brown is now going hat-in-hand to beg the Trump administration for emergency funds.” Despite California’s utter hatred for President Trump they sure do expect a lot from him. When President Trump said $1 trillion needed to be spent on the nation’s infrastructure Governor Brown responded by submitting a $100 billion wishlist for projects in California. In the $100 billion request submitted by Governor Brown there was not a single mention of the Oroville dam. Governor Brown had absolutely no plans to fix it despite warnings that the dam was in serious need of repair for nearly 12 years according to Mercury News. From the Mercury News: “ More than a decade ago, federal and state officials and some of California’s largest water agencies rejected concerns that the massive earthen spillway at Oroville Dam — at risk of collapse Sunday night and prompting the evacuation of 185,000 people — could erode during heavy winter rains and cause a catastrophe… …“A loss of crest control could not only cause additional damage to project lands and facilities but also cause damages and threaten lives in the protected floodplain downstream,” the groups wrote. CNBC reports though that Governor Brown feels entitled to at least 12 percent of the $1 trillion that Trump called for in infrastructure spending. From CNBC: "Brown also said he will push for California to get its share of the $1 trillion in money Trump wants to spend nationally on infrastructure projects. “I fully embrace and will strive to make sure that California gets 12 percent,” the governor said, pointing out that’s roughly California’s share of the U.S. population. “We have certainly $120 billion that we can spend it on wisely.” ;

This, and the Pfieffer Canyon Bridge is starting to fail in - Big Sur. Guess it's time to ask Pelosi

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what happened to the money? Has the California bond money been "repurposed?"

I'm sure - California

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is just like the rest of the country, strapped for infrastructure funds. Our infrastructure is falling apart and the pubs shot down Obama's plans to increase infrastructure funding. So maybe we should ask the pubs about it.

California has no money for anything other than for - ILLEGAL ALIENS

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It's a fact!
Do you have - real facts of this?
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California is no different than any other state, they are all strapped for cash.
Yes, Los Angeles Times archives. - Info is out there.
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In addition, living in the border state of California, it is on the news every single day ad nauseum! I don't live in LA County, where the information is not elicited that often because that is where most of the freeloaders are. There and San Francisco. The information is out there if one frees their mind of chains.
I do free my - mind
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I have only found fact checkers that state quotes of such stuff are not true. Illegals are not entitled to welfare. Perhaps checking fact checkers would be advised. You live in California which is heavily Hispanic populated. That doesn't mean they are all illegal.
Yes, California is heavily Hispanic - and the majority of those
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people are good hard-working citizens who came here to make a better life for themselves and their families. Oh and just so you know, there are more people going BACK to Mexico right now than coming this way...
Umm, I wasn't the - one
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insinuating anything different.
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I'm the one who posted above about the illegal aliens. My point was not about legal Hispanics or anyone else who is legal. My point was about illegal aliens sucking up tax dollars when those tax dollars could go for other things that would benefit all Americans or all Californians in this case.
I agree - that
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illegals should not be getting free stuff. I was told to open my mind to sources and the one mentioned was the LA Times. I was pointing out that the fact checkers have debunked the claims on the amount of tax dollars being spent on illegals from the LA Times.

Some of the illegals that are here are working for cash. Perhaps they need to crack down more on employers hiring them. Some of the other ones are working with illegal documentation and really are paying taxes. I am not saying that is right and again, employers need to do more thorough backgrounds on these people to verify their documentation.

I was also trying to point out that many associate Mexicans with illegals (not meaning you) and though there are illegals, there are way more that are here legally.

The original post claimed that $25 billion is being spent on illegals and they won't fix the dam because of this. That claim has been debunked. It also goes back to the fact that all states are strapped for cash and the pubs would not listen to Obama when he wanted more funds appropriated for our infrastructure.

We just had a bridge semi collapse in our state with several more at danger. All states are having this problem but they only have so much money to spend. I would suggest this administration get going on the infrastructure instead of worrying about Hillary's emails and the size of the crowds.

The article that you cite... - ChicaMT
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has not been "debunked." It is on snopes as partially true/not true. They cannot debunk it. I believe the LA Times over snopes.
I didn't - cite snopes
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Perhaps "debunked" was the wrong word, but lets say the claims were in general not correct with their numbers. Some were actually false and some had partial truths with really exaggerated numbers.

It's biblical what's happening in California. First the fires now ironically - this. I don't want to get into

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fanaticism, all the world is in the same boat. Things are not better in Europe, but I truly do think this I a curse.

This is an alt-right - spin

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A few articles regarding those spun stories by the alt-right news stories and actual facts. I find reading actual facts much more beneficial than alt-right propaganda.



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