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University of Alaska Anchorage is displaying a professor's

Posted: Apr 21, 2017

holding the severed head of President Donald Trump, reports Campus Reform. The work, created by Assistant Professor of Painting Thomas Chung, is being presented as part of a month-long faculty art exhibition in the university’s fine arts gallery, reports KTUU. “It’s an image of the actor who plays Captain America, and two eagles are sort of screaming into his ears, and he’s holding the severed head of Trump, and there’s a young Hillary Clinton clinging to his leg,” Chung said to describe his painting, according to Campus Reform. “I was reminded of those 80’s rock posters, where there’s a woman in tattered clothes clinging to a strong male hero’s leg.” Assistant professor Thomas Chung created the painting, KTTU-TV reported, and he says that he “spent days just weeping” after Trump was elected president. The assistant professor describes himself as a social artist who normally doesn’t deal in politics, but Trump’s election “bled into that.” ;

Imagine if this was done to Obama! The rodeo clown - who traditionally had a mask of prior presidents

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and continued the tradition with Obama was destroyed, shamed and fired.

This guy screams freedom of expression, but when taxpayers money is involved art should be restricted to common values underpinning a country. Remember piss Jesus. As a Christian I found that disgusting.

This clown gets a free pass because he hates Trump. Welcome to America.

Imagine if they had portrayed President Obama and family - sm

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as monkeys. Oh wait, they did do this.
That and a lot of very bad racial *jokes*, many depicting lynching.

The right seems to have terrible memory problems. Perhaps they should have their head's examined.

Trump's was done with taxpayer's money at a university. - Big difference. I don't need my

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head examined to see the difference.

That just reminded me of what is wrong on this board. Some people can't see the difference between taxpayer funded stupidity and one or two nut jobs.

This was done by a college professor. I can't recall any - college professors doing that to Obama

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so there's no comparison.
Umm, in his capacity as an artist - not as a professor
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What about the awful anti-Obama paintings done by one Jon McNaughton (no starving artist he, I'll bet conservatives lapped up those ugly things as fast as he could paint them).

Come on, art is personal expression, let's just leave it at that, or do you want to compare the one he did of Obama (a constitutional scholar) burning the constitution, OR the one where Jesus wrote the constitution? Ick.
Hey, no problem. Someone should do a picture of - Chris Evans holding the severed head of a
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transgender and DEMAND it be shown as well. When the powers that be refuse (and they will), find a lawyer and sue the University.

Fair is fair, but it won't happen.
Remember the gay man at the White House - "gay pride" event flipping off the
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portrait of Ronald Reagan? We thought that conduct was disrespectful. Look how far we have fallen.

Even the White House denounced that guy in 2012.
The left calls this "art" but try this with a Muslim. Then it's - called hate speech, not art.
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Declare all speech that disagrees with them hate speech and ban it. That way they can rule, with no dissent permitted.
How about some various mayors, legislators - sm
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school board members? I remember quite a few getting caught sending e-mails, posting stupid stuff of FaceBook, etc. Like I have said, the righties sure have poor memories.

I do agree I dislike the use of my tax money for paying stupid racist/sexists.

This work (created by this professor) is being presented as - "fine art" as an exhibition inthe

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university’s fine arts gallery. Unreal.

These college kids go to college with taxpayers money (student loans). As a taxpayer I find it offensive.

Remember the parade with Obama and the outhouse? - They had to take it out. (sm)

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Obama people are whiners.

A public funded institution has a duty to pull - something this distasteful.

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I live in Alaska but Anchorage is not like the rest of us. It is filled with liberals who moved here from the lower 48, for college or whatever reason. This wannabe Maplethorpe does not reflect our values.

Funny how they claim freedom of speech but shut down - Ann Coulter at Berkeley.

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I guess if you are a conservative constitutionalist your opinion is not welcome, but if you are a left-wing Marxist, then you can pretty much say anything you want.

Thomas Chung's contact information - sm

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Thomas Chung can be reached at (907) 786-1738 and tpchung@alaska.edu (email).

Steven Godfrey - chair of arts dept - who defends the painting: (907)786-6920

Tom Case - UAA Chancellor - also defends the painting: 907)786-1437 chancellor@uaa.alaska.edu

I'm working on a Photoshopped version of the same painting with Thomas Chung's head substituted for Trump. I think it's time to turn the tables on these people.

(It's an awful painting artistically, by the way. Very amateurish. Hate to see what students he's turning out.)

LOL! Try photoshopping Obama's head and watch - the left's head explode!

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Thanks for the contact info.

This is not even original stuff. It was stolen from - National Lampoon's

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VACATION (1983) poster.

They crossed the line a long time ago.

Here ya go - sm

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Guess it doesn't work. - See link

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Insert image didn't work...see link
Good job! Unbelievable that a college professor - did this.
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Imagine a portrayal of a decapitated Obama. What would the reaction - of the liberals and MSM have been!

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The artist would have lost his job and been thrown into a "reeducation" camp, AKA sensitivity training.

It is in poor taste no matter - anonon

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who the president is. I agree that it is not funny, but I do see it as freedom of speech. I usually don't think that type of art is ever funny. I think are should be beautiful or thought provoking, but not just nasty!

So why did you post it? - If you don't like a piece

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of art, you don't have to look at it much less post it for others to see.

I have seen distasteful art using many political figures and other people in history. They have the right to create their art and I have a right not to look at it or show it to others.

This is both infuriating and shameful. I just read where a Florida High School - student had to remove her cross

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necklace and participate in LGBT activities.

Parents told Liberty Counsel that at least three students were not allowed to wear their cross necklaces. Math teacher Lora Jane Riedas claimed they were “gang symbols.” When one student asked why, Riedas told her she was disrespectful and she must take her necklace off. The necklace held a crucifix less than an inch long. The student felt she was forced to deny her faith.

Riedas is a member of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network’s Leadership Institute. She engages in blatant LGBT political activism in her classroom. Her classroom is decorated with LGBT insignia and rainbows. She decorated students’ notebooks in rainbow stickers without their permission. She singled out one student for several false “misbehavior” claims after the student removed the sticker from her notebook.

Riedas has plans to promote GLSEN’s “Day of Silence” Friday. GLSEN’s guide requires students to take part in political activism. Liberty Counsel stated that students can either “’go along to get along’ or risk being ‘outed’ as disagreeing with the teacher.” Students are encouraged to support the LGBT agenda and Day of Silence by not speaking. Those who speak will be required to answer class questions.

More taxpayer funded activism. This is not a teacher. This is a bully.

Sounds like some girls need to stand up - Principal had not been notified

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Typical conservative move. All hurt, so they hire an attorney instead of taking it to the administration. And...who knows...maybe they grab hold of their crosses and make gang threats. Have you seen the cross-like bling gangs wear?

MSM does something similar and call it "news." - Earlier this month, the NYT

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ran an expose on Fox News host Bill O’Reilly’s alleged history of sexual harassment. The article resurrected settled disputes and ran unverified information.

Recently, the NYT posted an op-ed from Marwan Barghouti. They said Barghouti is “a Palestinian leader and parliamentarian.” It failed to mention he is a convicted terrorist who is imprisoned on five counts of murder and has orchestrated the killings of hundreds of Israelis.

This is another symptom of a backward and biased media. They run unverified information, but leave out relevant facts too.

Freedom - Sm

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Let's take rodeo clown.

1. Called school and requested that principal, acting as Obama clown, be disciplined and/or removed.
So, call university and ask he be disciplined or removed.
2. School did nothing. Rodeo banned him for life. Hey! That's your capitalism at work. Missouri State Fair (a struggling business) banned him.
3. Obama clown was RACIST. We have legislation protecting against discrimination on basis of RACE.
4. I don't think in its artsy form this could be taken as a credible threat. Guess SS could investigate?? Probably did
5. It REALLY bothers me that you followers think that a pledge of respect is needed (smacks of N. Korea) and can be ENFORCED, on the basis of honoring your dictator. If you don't like it...speak to the problem...find a phone number...letter to editor...march/protest....IMO...in this case show your ignorance.

When this is done to the left they call it "racist" - Try drawing a picture of a Muslim

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with a decapitated head and see if they call it "art" and "freedom"

No, they call it hate speech. Hypocrites!

Logic 101 - Definition of hate speech

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Hate speech, outside the law, is speech that attacks a person or group on the basis of attributes such as gender, ethnic origin, religion, race, disability, or sexual orientation.

How does this art work fit into this definition?

Define "hate." Liberal answer: Anything I disagree - with.

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I think you got the wrong side therelol - Lol

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This thread says hate speech is represented in that artwork.

I would say the Trumpeters just have their feelings hurt.

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