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Republicans voted to cut spending on embassy security

Posted: Oct 11, 2012

Since retaking control in 2010, House Republicans have aggressively cut spending at the State Department in general and embassy security in particular. Chaffetz and Issa and their colleagues voted to pay for far less security than the State Department requested in 2011 and again this year.

I need to get the phrase "Republican Hypocrisy" in my text expander. 


This just posted... - SK1

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Libya Security Lapse: The Budget for Embassy Security Is Not Responsible

There has been some back and forth between Republicans and Democrats over funding for security in Libya in the wake of Ambassador Chris Stevens’s death. Republicans have questioned whether the State Department had adequate security to protect the ambassador, and Democrats have countered that Republicans tried to cut funding for embassy security. What does the budget record show?

According to the fiscal year (FY) 2013 Congressional Budget Justification Department of State Operations (p. 11), overall funding for those programs has increased sharply over the past decade. Indeed, Worldwide Security Protection is more than double what it was a decade ago. Despite reductions from budget peaks in FY 2009 and FY 2010, both budget lines are higher than in FY 2008. (continues below chart)

Comparing FY 2011 actual funding versus the FY 2012 estimate, there appears to be a reduction in Worldwide Security Protection and Embassy Security, Construction and Maintenance. But that reduction does not account for additional funding in FY 2012 from Overseas Contingency Operations funds amounting to $236 million for Worldwide Security Protection (p. 63) and $33 million for Embassy Security, Construction and Maintenance (p. 467). As a result, total funds for Worldwide Security Protection for FY 2012 are estimated to be $94 million higher than in FY 2011, while Embassy Security, Construction and Maintenance is estimated to be $61 million less than FY 2011. Together, there is a net increase.

In terms of people, the budget justification reported that Worldwide Security Protection had slightly fewer positions budgeted (1,777 in FY 2011 versus 1,707 in FY 2012) and Embassy Security, Construction and Maintenance had the same number of positions budgeted (1,014 for both years).

In its budget request for FY 2013, the Administration requested significantly more funding for embassy security—mostly through the Overseas Contingency Operations budget—but retained the same number of positions, apparently on the assumption that security staffing was adequate. Regardless, that budget, even if approved in its entirety, would have entered into effect after the events in Libya.

It is tempting to look for a scapegoat for the tragic events in Libya. However, if one exists, the overall budget for embassy security is not it. Funding for that purpose has risen sharply over the past decade. Moreover, the State Department has considerable latitude in allocating security funds based on current events and intelligence on possible threats. Why that latitude was not applied in Libya deserves further scrutiny.

Apparently you didn't notice 9-11 and Iraq/Afgh/Iran escalating? - BTW

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Isn't this Libyan "controversy" the same one Romney tried to politicize AS IT WAS HAPPENING? Now he is trying to use the death of a Navy Seal in his campaign speeches? Stooping to a new level.

It is absolutely not. - SK1

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There is no controversy. As evidence in the hearing showed yesterday, there was funding for security in Libya, which was denied. Lamb herself admitted there was funding.

More importantly, THEY LIED TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. And I don't want to hear about "ongoing investigations." If there's an ongoing investigation, you don't say ANYTHING. You don't repeatedly, over a course of days and weeks, continuously LIE. This SCREAMS coverup and every American should be questioning it.

Romney had every right to make a statement regarding Libya. It was more than our president did.

Politicizing? Obama has politicized everything he possibly could during his administration. These parents will certainly tell you what his politicizing cost them:

Just like Ken Starr and Whitewater - it will no doubt go away after election. nm
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Who was told to stop using the Navy Seals in his political ads - backwards typist

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while he takes credit for the killing of OBL. Didn't the Navy Seals ask him to stop using them in his ads and speeches?

ROMNEY was asked to stop exploiting a dead seal - and lying in speeches by the guy's mom. NM
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(Seemingly on podium after podium he was claiming a relationship that didn't exist, and with it a more profound sorrow than most (no doubt some of that humanizing effort his handlers are working on).

A friend of the dead Seal says Romney did meet him at a party--3 or 4 times because he kept forgetting that they'd already shaken hands and kept reintroducing himself all over again. Reportedly the Seal felt Romney wanted to use him and was profoundly unimpressed with Romney.

Video of both mom and friend on the web for those inclined.

Secretary Clinton WARNED the GOP that voting down funding for protection would - endanger security. Villains, not just hypocrites.

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How DARE they do that and then on top of it try to take political advantage of deaths they are at least in part responsible for! I am so disgusted.

If you look at the article I just posted... - SK1

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You'll see that any budgetary cuts didn't cause this situation.

The State Department needs to own this one. Pure and simple. Jumping up and down and blaming any particular party won't cut it this time. It was the Department's responsibility to keep these people safe..... and they failed. Period.

Own it.

ETA: See the post below about Vienna receiving Chevy Volts while security in Benghazi was cut.

Again, I say OWN IT.

Budget is awarded and allocated by Congress for specific uses. She - can't just move it around as she wishes. NM

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Funding not a problem. - anon

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When directly questioned, Lamb testified under oath that funding or lack of money was not a problem with granting more security.

Hearing. - anon

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If you haven't watched yesterday's hearing, you should look it up and tune in. It is 4 hours long, but it goes by pretty quickly. I thought the hearing was pretty eye-opening, not only to the situation in Libya but to the behavior in congress. Now, know this is not going to be a popular opinion for some, but did think the dems seemed more on board with finding fault with the repubs and not so much with getting to the bottom of the security problem and inaccurate description of the attack coming from the White House, although a couple of them did agree with the repubs that, going forth, action needed to be taken to prevent another incident.

Aw, gee. You got 3 dislikes for watching the hearing? - backwards typist

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When I watched it live, I also found it very eye-opening, just like I stated in my post yesterday.

Then they state the pubs don't want to work with the dems. Whatta joke! Especially that one dem (can't remember his name) who kept trying to break into the questioning.

Nice try... - NOT

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Another liberal lie....imagine that. So eager to try and create new term that you don't even care whether or not its true.

Looks like democrat hypocrisy is still the correct term.

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