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So, tell me again why you voted for

Posted: Apr 18, 2017

Yah, right.


More Trump junk fake news from haters - and manure diggers

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I voted for Trump because I did not want corrupt lying Hillary in office. Simple as that.

I took a few minutes out of my busy life to reply - anon

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I have a job, you know, that I actually work and I have other responsibilities in my life that keep me busy. However, I'm going to answer your question with a question - why do you care? Is there some reason that you continue to post whiny, pointless crap on this board? I mean, what exactly do you get out of it? I just find it incredibly pathetic. However, if that's all you have in your life, well I guess have at it then. For me, I have a family, job, friends, pets, hobbies, and interests to keep me busy. Feel free to post more crap attacking my post, I likely won't read any of it, however.

But do you know why you voted for Trump? - That was the question -nm

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Anti-Hillary and poltical corruption. - She was a very bad candidate

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Clinton was the perfect poster person for the rampant political corruption in DC.
And Trump is the perfect poster child for - corrupt businessman turned politician
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He is also a poster child for doing what's best for the 1% while leaving us behind.

I think it's a tie. Their both corrupt.

Exactly. These pointless manure spreading Trump hate - posts are meant for ?

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The more of these stupid posts that the lefties put out there the happier I am that Trump seems to be dominating their lives in an unhealthy manner.

What do they get out of it? I wonder if family and friends wonder the same thing as posters here.

The question is do these hate-filled posters have - a life outside of MTStars anti-Trump posts

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I have never had another human being I disliked/hated that would take over my life to the point of searching for ugliness and posting it anonymously on a website.

Do the Trump-bashing posters have family, friends, a life outside of spreading ugliness about Trump?
Kind of funny how you're on here responding - to every one of them
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Don't you have anything better to do?
That is lefty delusion that the same poster - is responding to Trump-hate
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I come here maybe 1 or 2 times a day and certainly do not respond to every Trump basher.

I just don't care enough other than I have curiosity how deep Trump bashers will dig and how ridiculous some of the posts are. Plus it amuses me how angry left posters are.
and I have curiosity how Trump supporters will - never respond to posts
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other than to bash "lefties." There is no defense for his actions so they deflect to "lefty" bashing.
I don't think they do. - Hate-fueled rants run their lives.
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I have mostly stayed away from this board since the beginning of the year, but come here from time to time hoping to have a discussion of current events and listen to the other side. I do not come here to experience the abject depravity of the left, which is a choice of theirs, you know. They need to find some happiness and stop listening to the mainstream media.

I voted for Trump - aviatrix

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I voted for Trump. Tickled pink that he is all that he promised and more.

Finally a man with guts.

I am finally interested in politics again.

What has he actually done "and more?" - I guess I'm missing something -nm

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Yes you are. There was a very lengthy list on Hannity last night. - Amazing, really.

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I doubt any President has done as much in 89 days.
Yes, ask Trump, he'll tell you. Frankly, I'm not - seeing it
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All I see is him signing executive orders and Tweeting about how great he is. He's claiming to have created jobs that he didn't, said he was going to have an insurance plan where everyone will have insurance and didn't, Buy American, Hire American while he offshores and hires foreign workers, removing policies that protected our environment. I'm sure there's more but I don't see any of them as better. Oh yes, trying to start a nuclear war.

I had to vote against Hillary Clinton. - sm

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It was the first time in my life that I voted against someone I did not support instead of voting for the (usually 3rd-party) candidate I supported, but knew would not win (i.e., Nader).

I watched Mrs. Clinton answer questions posed by the House Select Committee during a hearing regarding the 4 Americans who were killed in Benghazi, Libya. I was struck by the documented evidence of how many times extra support was requested by our people in the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi and how often those requests were ignored. Most disturbing was the look of annoyance and boredom on Mrs. Clinton's face. While I have never been a fan of Mrs. Clinton's, this pushed me over the edge.

Same here - I voted against Hillary Clinton - sm

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Of our 2 less than ideal choices, the reason the poster cites above pushed me to the edge. What tipped me over it was her defending the rapist of a 12-year-old girl, getting him off with time served, and laughing about it in an interview. She is a vile person and I did not want that woman to go down in history as the first female President of the United States.

I am not the one who asked - the original question, but

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I do appreciate you actually answering the question as well as the poster you responded to.

I voted for Hillary for the exact reason you voted for Trump. I was voting against Trump. I found him a vile person in many ways, still do.

I think many people did the same thing we did. I find it very sad that so many probably did the same thing. It is really sad that in our country we can't vote for people because we feel they are going to be the best person to create policies that are best for America instead of voting against another? They all lie, they all have shady pasts.

I also realize that if the election had gone the other way and Hillary were in office, we would still be faced with dilemma we are now, a president that is literally despised by so many people. I would like to see a president in there that though maybe I didn't vote for them it was because I just don't agree with their policies instead of despising the sight of them along with their policies.

Why are you believing this crap and - PROPAGATING RACISM?

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You need to find some love in your life instead of getting sucked into all this hatred.

Tell that to the president. He spreads more - "crap" than anybody nm

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You've got that exactly backwards. BO inflamed race relations. - Look at Fresno yesterday.

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That black Muslim wanted to kill "white" people. Have you heard of a white person out to kill black people? No, I haven't heard that either.

I agree, put some love in your life instead of hate. Quit following lockstep with the hate-fueled lefties.
and quit spreading your propaganda from the - hate-filled righties
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By the way, I have heard of plenty white people out to kill black people. If you haven't then you need to do a little opening of your eyes.
What??? You have heard of white people - out to kill black people? Did you report it?
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I have known people who are prejudiced against black people, mostly an older generation, but I have NEVER heard them say they wanted to KILL black people. For the most part, they wanted to AVOID black people.

Wow, things must be wild in your neck of the woods.

Thanks for showing what a racist you are. - Stop the propaganda

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Shame on you.

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