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Maybe he should take the president's salary and

Posted: Feb 17, 2017

pay his own way. And Obama was expensive????? I wonder what the total will be if he makes it 4 years?


The country cannot afford this bumbler. - nm

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The bumblers were Obama and Clinton. We sure couldn't have - afforded more American decline.

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The link didn't work - Resist

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but I assume it was about it going back and forth to Florida every weekend. This costs the taxpayer plenty. And the right-wingers complained about Obama's vacations!

oops! sorry about that - anonymouse

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Let's try that again.

Still not working, try this with copy and paste - anonymouse

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He does it because - he can
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This presidency should show lawmakers the need for "rules for the president." Trump knows he can do all this stuff. He points out all the time how he is not held to the conflict of interest and he is playing it to the hilt. Time for new rules.

It is disgusting how he is taking advantage of his position. Our country will be putting money in Trump's pocket throughout the whole time he is in office. Hopefully it won't be too long.

Obviously you don't know - anonie

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He is only taking a salary of $1. Where have you been? Listening to news that didn't cover it.

Obama and his whole troop went on separate flights and Trump has yet to travel to foreign countries like Obama did all of his administration.

Obviously the math don't add up - anonon

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The president's salary is $569.000 per year x4 years (if he makes it that far) is $2,276.000.00. According to the article, he and his entourage are on their way to spending in the hundreds of millions of dollars over 4 years.

What a disgusting thing to say. - sm

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Figures tho. Dems think that way.

God forbid if someone would have said that about Obama. They would have heard, "YOU'RE A RACIST."
What? - anonon
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There was nothing disgusting in that. Just showing how it all adds up. Nothing to do with race or anything, only math.
"if he makes it that far" - What does that suggest?
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You wrote: "The president's salary is $569.000 per year x4 years (if he makes it that far) is $2,276.000.00. According to the article, he and his entourage are on their way to spending in the hundreds of millions of dollars over 4 years."
Nothing sinister - anonon
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I was just saying that because none of us knows what is going to happen within the next 4 years and certainly nothing racist about it. Good grief!

The facts on just SOME of what Obummer cost us are - posted if you care to...oh, wait...

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...that would mean accepting facts, wouldn't it?

Never mind.

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