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So, libs - convince me.

Posted: May 17, 2017

Why should I vote for you in 2018??


who cares, you got nothing either. - nm

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We don't have Trump! - nm

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Yay for you. A lot of gum flapping for no reason, meanness I guess - nm

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So who you got? A Trump wannabe - crooked Hillary? Pocahontas? Bernie?

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Really, who do you have to offer?

in other words-- - you got NOTHIN' n/t

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and in other words, you got Trump which equals - nothing.

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The rest of the pubs better come up with something or people will vote for anybody that is not republican like people voted for Trump just not to vote for Hillary.

We still do have a healthcare plan and didn't give tax breaks to the rich like the pubs want to do.

We also don't have a president who is just plain stupid.

We have quite a while to come up with a candidate for 2020 and we do need that. It is early yet but I think if we put Mickey Mouse in the running we could beat Trump.
not the person you're responding too, but such a meanie, disguised as - intelligence. nm
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TULSI - That is who we have
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sorry, this is not responsive to 2018. We would have to know where you live to enumerate the many candidate possibilities for 2018.

TULSI is for 2020.

Lots more talent with Rubio, Cruz, etc - appealing to the working middle class

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Too bad Democrats are so busy demonizing Trump, they have not groomed a candidate or idea. Republicans will be reelected.

Then why didn't you put one of your "groomed" - candidates in office?

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I would have preferred Kasich over either of those two but to each his own.
It was not the year for the career politician. - and libs better learn that before 2020
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The public is becoming smarter and they know the middle class has been sold out by corrupt politicians. Nobody really believes people get into politics for public service. They get in it for money and power.
I agree with the fact they are all - corrupt, but putting
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Trump in was not a sign of being smarter. Sorry, but he had a lot of baggage and corruptness before he came in.

But, again, I do believe they are all corrupt.

Great question and I have no idea what libs - have to offer - Bernie S or E Warren?

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Instead of chasing Trump, what have you to offer with new ideas and candidates.

You'd think they'd spend their time getting their party - anon

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straightened out, organized, and formulating coherent, viable ideas. Nope, they'd rather shut down free speech or scream about what offends them this week.

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