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Miss USA angers liberals with answers on feminism,

Posted: May 15, 2017

love diversity — except when other people don't parrot their exact political opinions. The newest Miss USA, District of Columbia’s Kara McCullough, found herself at the center of controversy during Sunday night’s pageant when she chose to answer questions with words that didn’t toe the accepted politically correct line. McCullough, 25, answered a question about affordable health care by saying health care was a privilege and not a right. She said the country’s focus should be on getting more people jobs so they can afford health insurance. Liberals ran to Twitter to disagree — and complaints ranged from calling for the removal of the contestant to downright misogyny. McCullough also answered a question later by saying that she did not consider herself a feminist. “I don’t want to call myself a feminist,” McCullough said. “Women, we are just as equal as men, especially in the workplace." McCullough said she didn't prefer the word "feminist" and “transferred the word feminist to equalism.” The liberal crowd chimed in once more ;

She is correct on health care. It is man made and not - given by God. This girl's IQ

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must be off the charts. She graduated with a degree in radiochemistry and believes her destiny is in her hands. She’s all about individualism and self empowerment.

Those are probably the reasons Lib/Progs - so INTOLERANT

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of her POV We know how hateful Libs/Pros are whenever someone is not in lock step with their POV. This woman is an AMAZINGLY STRONG WOMAN WHO CAN CLEARLY AND COHERENTLY STATE HER OPINION W/O LIB/PROG TALKING POINTS; something the Libs hate with a passion.

Is freedom man-made or given by God? - hawtmk

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what about life? liberty? pursuit of happiness? rights of free speech, rights regarding freedom of assembly, freedom from illegal search and seizure? Be careful how you answer.

Laws regarding freedom are made by man. - That is what I think regarding questions.

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Miss USA a "former" Trump holding and she - a government employee

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you got that right, she's not stupid...she has seen what has happened to those with opinions that differ in this administration!

Since she's black is that racist? - NM

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Trump hit piece #14,218 here on MT Stars. - NM

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Or she's intelligent and can think for herself - anon

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That's a foreign concept to libs, I know, however, many people are able to think critically and to formulate their own views. She seems like a strong, intelligent woman who understands reality as opposed to needing to be told what to think. It's not difficult to understand, although I'd imagine libs would struggle with understanding this. Never mind.

Seems like a racist comment - In keeping with the

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Obamabot's thought process.

How wonderful to see a woman willing to stand up against - the political correctness spewing

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from the perpetual victim snowflakes and the feminazis.

And she actually has a REAL job/career - not looking for a cushy job as a journalist or perhaps social justice politics...

No doubt the left will do its hellbound damnedest to marginalize her.

She's getting hammered because she didn't answer - "correctly" meaning not liberal.

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She wasn't supposed to criticize Obamacare.

she must have been coached or is totally naive - LMT

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wow just wow at her ignorant answers... health care is privilege and not a right and yet so many countries provide national healthcare for all their citizens, but not the good ol' "boys club" USA... her second answer was just as dumb as the first. women are just as equal as men?? really where are the pagents where the men are showboating around in their swimming suits...

I think she was brilliant and totally spontaneous - Do you see what she does for a living?

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Healthcare is a privilege and not a right. If you work hard you get better healthcare just like you get better cars, schools and homes if you work hard. Many countries may provide national healthcare but the citizens are paying for it in an indirect way (taxes). I do not want to be taxed any more than I am now and I do not want government to control healthcare. They messed up the VA. Back in the day healthcare was a privilege and you looked for employment that provided that benefit or you got catastrophic insurance and paid out of pocket for doctor's visits.

She believes in equality not "feminism". I believe the same. "Feminism" is divisive.

There is no market for men parading around in swim suits or it would be broadcast. But then there is always "Magic Mike" for those who would like to see men in less clothes than normal.

so MTs don't work hard? - LMG

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If you work hard you get better healthcare...ahhh capitalism at its best... Of course most of the rich people have worked very hard stepping on those of us who actually do work hard..not to mention any names, eh-em trump. That sentence makes sense if your one of the 1%...which last I checked MTs are not in that class.

She believes in equality but is in a degrading contest that judges women on their looks, a talent, a bathing suit..ok gotcha.
MTs are in a dying business. Technology is - cutting our pay - with EMR and VR
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You choose to work where the pay keeps getting lower. The choices you make determine your income. As I said, I shopped jobs looking at not only pay but benefits which would save me money. And as I mentioned, your income determines everything, including your home, school, and cars.

She believes she is equal to a man and she chooses to be in a "degrading" contest just as the people who choose to be in Magic Mike or actors/actresses who use their looks and bodies to get parts in movies/TV. She also is going to get $$$ from the contest by using the looks, talent and body she was blessed with. I believe I am equal to a man and do not need to play the feminism card to prove it.

Libs are so touchy/nitpicky and "political correctness" is the shield they hide behind.

they messed up the VA because the - government does not

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care about veterans. We got half-baked Obamacare because they don't care about citizens...Republican issued.

If we forced government to actually care about us...as in quit feeding the corporations and the politicians working for them, we could have good government sponsored healthcare.

In our country, if you get something at the expense of another - then it's not a right. Doctors

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provide the service so it is not a right in this sense. You are demanding the service of another.

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