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The clown car is stopping to pick up another passenger.

Posted: Apr 7, 2015



Must have picked up the HildaBeast or - Fauxcahontas Warren, or Commie Sanders

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Probably Amigo Jeb - nm

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Rand Paul. - nm

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Do you suppose Jeb is trying to reach out to the Hispanic vote? - gringo

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Was he committing voter fraud filling out his registration that way, or is he just incompetent? Filling out a form without assistance can be a difficult thing.
Hispanic by marriage. - nm
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....or PubAlinsky. - nm

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All the DemAlinsky's have is Hildabeast - No wonder they are jealous of the Republicans

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Rand Paul is the latest occupant. - nm

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Did you see how rude he was to that reporter - in a TV interview the other day?

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Can't you just imagine how well his rude 'tude would go over if he were president, and dealing with the leaders of other countries? We'd get nuked for sure. Possibly even by England.

Pub clown car is going to have to be upgraded to a bus - nm

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That's the magic of a clown car, like balloons... - sm

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the hot air is expelled and even a VW bug can fit the whole gang. Haha!

Too bad Cruz and Paul are wasting time - and money

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Neither will be elected. The Republicans have yet to put up a viable candidate and any investment in these two is a waste of effort and divisive for their own party.

Go after it boys, I'm voting Democrat.

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