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Where is the outrage

Posted: Feb 17, 2017

from the right now that Trump is costing the taxpayers millions by jetting off to Florida every weekend?  There were all kinds of complaints about Obama taking vacations.


Takes - a lot

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More fuel to go to Hawaii than to Florida.

Don't - forget

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the entourage.

And don't forget - Deplorable

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--he's not taking a salary.

LMBO!! - nm

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Sure, but the difference is that - anonymouse

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Obama did not got to Hawaii every weekend. Usually his kids were with him and Michelle also, whereas Eric, Don Jr. Tiffany, Ivanka all go separate ways and the Secret Service has to go with them to wherever they are going. Not really the same thing.

But, but, but - sm

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What do you expect him to do with his kids? Disown them?


Obama spent 90 million in 8 years - Old and burned out

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Trump has already spend 10 million in a month. Do the math. Also his sons just went to Dubai on Trump business. The Secret Service has to protect them while they are making the Trumps richer and the taxpayer pays. Is the president's salary $400,000 or did that go up? Again, do the math.

Fake Question. A: He's not going to FL "every weekend" - B: His last trip was work - Japanese PM visit

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It was NOT vacay like so many of Obama's trips.

All Presidents have had a "second white house" where they get out of DC but they're still working.

You missed the ducks. No prize.


100% fakery from the left anymore. They got nothin' else. - nm

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Plus Trump's working when he's in DC unlike O. - I bet...

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...he's put in more time in the Oval Office in a month than Obummer did in 8 years.

Oblunder was too busy taking selfies - and trying to be relevant.

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What a loser!

that's fascinating information. Please cite your source! - hawtmk

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It's not only vacation - He played 2 rounds of golf

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but he is getting free publicity for his business and Mar-A-Lago is a business.

Oh, for God's sake. You got nothin. Entertaining foreign - leaders is PART OF THE JOB

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...and it's probably DETRIMENTAL to business at Mar-A-Lago for the President to go there, not beneficial.

Really, stuff like this is an embarrassment to human intelligence.
Its detrimental to local businesses - Resist
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but it's probably great for Mar-A-Lago. Why is it part of the job for him to play golf but not for Obama? Could it be good old-fashioned partisanship?

Let me help you answer that question. - Truthhurts

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Obama and Michelle very often took separate flights to Hawaii and let's not forget the time the dog had his very own AF1 flight to Hawaii. it takes 9 hours to get to Hawaii from D.C. At that time, it cost $180,000 per hour one way....you do the math.

Obama took AF1 on many golfing trips. Michelle used AF1 for her vacay to Africa with the girls and the other 21 entourage. The use of AF1 cost $424,142.

None of those Hawaiian vacays were working vacays like all other presidents have done. They were pure fun and frolic.

Thi Hill is stating a trip on AF1 to Florida could coast $3 million but Politico is basing that on Obama's trip to Chicago and then on to Florida, so that's not a very good guesstimate. Judicial Watch is filing a FOIA and hopefully will get the true cost.

Once again - Resist

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Obama spent 90 million in 8 years. Trump has already spent 10 million in a month. His sons going to Dubai is not cheap and they are there not on government business but to make themselves richer and the taxpayer is picking up part of the bill. Do you think they are going to return any of that to us? This is conflict of interest and corruption at its finest.


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Here are some REAL numbers conserning Obama trips...and this is only "SOME." Take the next paragraph and change the numbers in my first post from $180K to the $206,337 amount.  I don't know how long it takes to fly from D.C. to Florida on AFI, but I'll guarantee it doesn't take 9 hours! Also, take the below trips and double or triple the Hawai, Martha's Vineyard, and Palm Spring trips that Obama took.
Taxpayers fork over $206,337 every hour the world's most famous plane is in flight, according to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) letter obtained by the nonprofit Judicial Watch.

According to the National Taxpayer Union Foundation President Barack Obama has traveled internationally more than any other president, and he has done it on the "most expensive-to-operate Air Force One to date." 

Here are some of President Obama's taxpayer funded trips:

  • Obama's October 2015 Columbus Day  fundraising trip to San Diego, California, cost $969,783.90

  • Obama’s June 20, 2015, golf outing to Palm Springs cost taxpayers$2,187,172.20

  • Obama's July 18, 2015, trip to New York City with his daughters cost$309,505.50

  • Obama's August 7, 2015, family trip to Martha's Vineyard cost$619,011

  • Obama's Dec 19, 2014-January 24, 2015 Christmas vacation to Honolulu cost $3,672,798

  • Obama's June 17-19, 2013, trip to Belfast, Ireland, including a Dublin sightseeing side trip by Michelle Obama, her daughters, and her entourage, cost $7,921,638.66

Amazing to me that people can "dislike" a post that is - nothing but facts.

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I guess we can assume that these people would drive off a cliff because they don't "like" gravity.

Vacations to Dubai - Who cares

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Unless the sons are on the Federal payroll they are paying for their own vacations to Dubai. Obama is history, I really don't care how much money he spent at taxpayer expense. JFKs trips to see his mistresses were probably at taxpayer expense too. How far back do you want to go?

We just want a job. Okay? Keeping you people from - sending him 6 foot under

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is our only concern at this point.

Four years go by fast. Find a hero who hasn't sent their fellow Americans into a mob of fanatical religious terrorists who torture and rape before killing them (all photographed and sent back to warn other Americans what happens when you voice concern).

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