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The whole world is laughing at American liberals....

Posted: May 16, 2017

What everyone (except American liberals) knows is that if Donald Trump were impeached, or forced to step down, Pence would be elected President in 2020 by a landslide that would bury liberals forever.

Liberals - be careful what you wish for!  The one thing you do NOT want is for Pence to serve as President prior to the next Presidential election.

Liberals - wake up!  The American people don't like you!   They hate you.  I know it's hard for you to fathom, but if you conduct careful analysis of the muticiplicities of DEFEATS you have suffered at every level of government, ou might finally get it, although I doubt it.

Pence is highly regarded.  No one on the left could defeat him if he served as interim President prior to 2020.  

You liberals are SO unbelievably stupid!






If Pence were the de facto President - the liberals would disappear forever.

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I am praying for the "success" of the libs so that we can see them no more.

Donald, is that - you?

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I'm certain people would be sick if - Pence were to run for president

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Indiana didn't even like him.

Liberals know - anon

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I don't like Pence, but I do like sanity and stability.

Pence is not my cup of tea with respect to policy, but he is sane and rational and knows how government works. Trump is simply in over his head and that is dangerous for our country.

He would be better than Trump, but would - Not survive 2020

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2020 is the year the Republican party will - disappear forever.

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If the Republican Senate and House - 2018
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If the Pub Congress does not get their priorities in order that they are working for the people of the United States and not Russia, they will all have to be looking for new work come 2019.

If we can run Trump outta town, we can do - the same for Pence, as well.

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If we have to keep on investigating, indicting and impeaching every successor once Trump (and then Pence) are run out of town on a rail, we will. With any luck, there will be no Republicans at all in government in the long run.

This is not a democracy. It's time to split. nm - mt

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So you're saying you'd be fine if millions of Americans weren't - represented in this democracy??

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Let's see how that works. It's your hope that there won't be any conservatives in government.


1. If we substitute "blacks" for "conservatives", does that work for you?

2. If we substitute "women" for "conservatives", does that work for you?

3. If we substitute "LGBT" for "conservatives", does that work for you?

4. If we substitute "handicapped" for "conservatives", does that work for you?

5. If we substitute "Christian" for "conservatives"...or "Muslim"...or "Catholic"...or...

...oh, wait. We might be on to something here, eh?

Democrats will never return to power, either on the local, state or national level, until they finally come to grips with the reason that they have lost power on every level of government across this country, namely the demonstrable failure and poverty of their ideas.

Democracies are ruled by ideas, which in turn are expressed in the form of votes.

You want back in power, here's the way: GET BETTER IDEAS. I'm a voter and I'll listen to any ideas...so persuade me that yours are better.

Otherwise, learn this hard lesson: You don't love a democracy or adhere to democratic principles based on whether YOU happen to be in power or not. You love the idea of democracy for the fact that it is morally superior to any other form of government.

And I am certainly NOT impressed by the undemocratic means you're using now to try to regain power. They're precisely the means by which power is expressed in 3rd world countries.
WOW! - Q.E.D.
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A shave that close should come with lotion or she'll get a rash.
Am I the only one who sees the irony here? - Third world countries indeed
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Undemocratic means to regain power? Thy name is Republican.

All your leaders are sitting in congress and senate now crossing their fingers and hoping against hope they can get their disgusting "healthcare" bill and tax cuts for billionaires in before this whole thing comes crashing down.

How's that for undemocratic?

I disagree with the school of thought that says Democrats lost this election because we did not cater to hillbilly middle/lower class white people. Nope, those were always going to be for Trump or anyone who promised them coal mining jobs, less social welfare (not for them, who are all on it by the way, but for the "urban" people), and gave free rein to their basest instincts (Trumpy perfect candidate).

Ideas? Like what? MAGA? It means nothing when Trumpy is now making American very very terrible.

The ONLY reason Trumpy is in there is because of the electoral college in addition to the massive voter fraud perpetrated by the Republican party after the Voting Rights Act was struck down. They are cheaters, plain and simple.

Another thing, the above poster actually said "With any luck, there will be no Republicans at all in government in the long run." NOT conservatives. Believe it or not, it used to be that conservatives were in both parties, they still are to an extent. I have to think also that this is just a wish, not something anyone could ever take seriously - let's face it, as long as Fox News and Rush Limbaugh exist putting dumb ideas into people's heads who have nothing to do but listen/watch all day long, there will be plenty of Republicans in the govt.

I think what is failing this current govt, in addition to Trumpy, is the Republicans' lack of ideas - they have the talking points, the mouthpiece of Fox (State) News, they just have no substance at all behind the rhetoric. Repeal and replace Obamacare. Oh, they'll repeal it alright, but forget about replacing it. That would mean they can't take the money out of it to give back to the billionaires.

The R's have been the opposition party for so long and are so good at obstructing, they pretty much forgot how to govern at all, and with their typical "hot potato" approach to anything approaching taking responsibility for any idea at all, the only consensus they have with their far right wing and their more moderate members is "yay rich people" and "no gays" and "bad Obamacare."

Now that's a dearth of ideas, and what is worse they have the chance to make all the great ideas you claim into law and they are sitting on their hands. Shame on them.
Let's just beat the heck out of all the Republicans, Right? - You're what's wrong with the US, sm
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Apparently the dems have had it together over the years. Give me a break.
Is there a love button for this post because it is outstanding. - anon
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Rational, factual, concise, and honest.

Thank you for your honesty.
Most brilliant post Ive read on this board. - But not for liberal consumption
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There is one - and only one - thing that consistently drives a wooden stake into the heart of the liberal vampire:


Confront the monster with TRUTH and it will run screaming for the coffin that hides it from the light of day.

And your post proves the sickness that is present in democrats - anon

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Shame you won't understand that, however.

Republicans better wake up and get a - healthcare plan

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together that doesn't mean everybody loses insurance and put a muzzle on that idiot in office or they can kiss their seats goodbye.

I'm fine if they take the time to get it right. - Unlike...well, you know.

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Cracks me up the way liberals can watch how they've blown up the healthcare system in this country and still call it a pretty fireworks display.

The thing is, no matter how much you want - to criticize "liberals," Obama,

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the ACA, the fact remains that many people have healthcare that couldn't have it before, even republicans, and people don't want to go without it anymore. Many of the republicans in Congress are understanding this too. That sham of a plan the House put out was a disaster for them.

As I have said before, either work together to fix the ACA or come up with something better. I personally don't care who does it, I just don't want to see millions of people lose coverage or have the ones that need it most be priced right out of it.

We could have an all-day discussion on this topic again but the fact is, all eyes are on the pubs now; they're up to bat now. If the Senate doesn't come up with something that is good for everybody, they will lose their seats.
You mean many people now have insurance cards but millons now have - less or even no HEALTHCARE.
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My O-care health card is virtually worthless because of the ridiculous deductible.

Having an O-Lie-To-The-Country health card is like having an invitation to the dance but no dress, no shoes and no date.

See the pretty piece of paper.
You do know that deductibles don't mean you - don't have coverage, right?
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We all have deductibles. I still can go to the doc and pay my co-pay, get my scripts and pay my co-pay. If I have other things done like x-rays or labs, I pay part of a deductible and the rest they pay. Deductible doesn't mean they don't cover anything until that is paid. You knew that, right?
OK, I'm a conservative but I have to say that - anon
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I believe the ACA was a start and although it wasn't a great start, it was something. It needs to be fixed. The tax penalty should never have even been introduced and that's just reality. But, really, it was a start. I think it was the one success of Obama's tenure and I think he does deserve credit for it. No, it's not perfect, it needs major work but, again, it was start so even though I despise everything else he did, he deserves recognition for trying to do something with our healthcare.
It was a start - and it needs work.
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If all of them would get their own egos out of it and fix it so it helps everybody we would be so much better. One thing everybody needs to do is stop calling it Obamacare. I've always hated that label and I voted for Obama. It is the ACA. I think the label makes it distasteful for anybody that didn't like Obama and some of us who do.

I do think you can't do away with the tax penalty though unless everybody buys insurance. I don't want to start a whole argument on this but that was one of the ways the ACA was going to work. Everybody had to have insurance.
Great points. - anon
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I agree, the egos got in the way of fixing anything. I also do not like "Obamacare." That's not what it is at all. It's ACA and that's it. If time and energy would be spent in fixing it, it could work. That would mean working together and that's been near impossible.

We libs hold the same sentiments to the cons. - Ditto In Reverse

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The MSM and the left (same thing) are doing - irreparable damage to

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America. University campuses are destroying free speech.

Not very nice and I'm not even a liberal - LMT

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Shame on your words and even though I'm not taking sides. I wouldn't post what you said. You might/should get banned.

Such a "hate" filled post, why? Is there a point to your hateful words? No link, no fact?

What does...sm - Anon

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muticiplicities of defeats mean? Is that English?

No wonder there are so many issues, keep spreading the hate and it - won't matter who is president, nm

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It never has mattered who is president. There - are always people who

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don't like the president, whoever it is. The difference is this administration was based on hate and rhetoric.

Sadly, libs are beyond hope - anon

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They scream against fascism while they are the fascists by shutting down free speech. They scream racism while perpetrating racism themselves. They cannot handle reality and seek safe spaces and cry about microagressions where none exist. They blame the "white man" for nonexistent crimes. Marching in the streets with vagina hats, screaming and crying because they don't get their way, cursing out and violently attacking anyone who has an opposing view, arrogantly assuming they hold all morality and superiority while having absolutely nothing of value to offer. I mean - the list is endless.

They know only hatred and intolerance and perhaps that isn't their fault as all they've ever had is someone to tell them how they should think or react. As they lack the ability to reason and think and formulate their own opinions, it's really no wonder they follow along blindly with whatever they're told.

Yes, libs are beyond hope and best ignored. Perhaps if enough of us ignore them they'll go away. Wishful thinking, I know, but one can hope.

My foreign friends cannot understand liberals. - anon

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I've many friends worldwide (it's a hobby) and I'd say a good 90% of them ask me why liberals are behaving like children. They are shocked by the treatment our Pres has been receiving. These are people who are from all religious backgrounds or no religious background, are stay at home parents, college grads, professionals, artists, you name it - they are all diverse in their ethnicities, however, the one thing they agree upon is that they are unable to understand why, in their words, American liberals are behaving so childishly, with so little respect for anyone. These are people who are my age (40s) so they've lived long enough to view the world through experienced eyes.

Maybe they aren't laughing at American liberals, but they sure aren't respecting them. Oh, and this is coming from several who would've like to have seen Clinton as president.

Are they "respecting" Trump? Are you - "influencing" them with

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the same rhetoric that is spewed on this board? Are they reading the same right-winged garbage that most Trump supporters read?

I also chat with people from other countries. I don't bring anything political up but they do and they think he is an idiot.

Nope, I don't bring it up - they ask me. - anon

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I don't take sides and actually don't talk politics with my correspondents. They ask me why and then give me their views. Although I'm not surprised that bring your hate into this post. You sort of proved the point of other posters.

The dem-elites want a world dictatorship. - mt

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Either we want a world dictatorship or not. We have irreconcilable differences. We see that the Trump presidency is going to be destroyed by the left. The only option is to think of splitting the country.

The left isn't "destroying Trump." He's doing that - all by himself. nm

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No. It's the dem-elites. They want back the - mt

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country they feel they own.

Then they want the rest of the world too.

I think this is why people perceive a tie between Trump and Russia. Russia doesn't want to be taken over by the dem-elites. Neither does Trump. He has said 2 or 3 times that he wants to be president of the United States, not president of the world.
This stuff is just hilarious. "dem-elites" - Why don't you stop
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drinking the Kool-Aid and pay attention to what is going on. This is self-inflicted by Trump! The news is reporting it but he is giving them news to report.

I notice the deeper this stuff with him gets, the more ridiculous posts come out with "lib bashing."

The dem-elites should be bashed and - mt
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Delusional much? - Realist

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"The American people don't like you! They hate you."

Last time I checked, being what you refer to as a "liberal" doesn't negate one's United States citizenship OR their love for America. People who disagree with your views are still every bit as much "American people" as you and your right-wing cronies. Stop the barrage of nasty, insulting dialog and try to have a coherent, respectful conversation instead. You reap what you sow.


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WTF? Are you insane? Do you have the brain size of a pea? Rhetoric gets you no where.

OOOH, you implied a bad word --- - Report, report

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but really, this is the sort of answer we get. If there were a stick the tongue out button, the Republicans on the board might as well use it instead for all of their logical/insightful posts.

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