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Sad but true

Posted: Apr 17, 2017

Yes it is an opinion but I happen to agree pretty much with this opinion.  All should read this.  I voted for Obama and Hillary and he supported Trump but this is about our government in general.


I used some of his pieces for papers I wrote - for school projects

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I even wrote him before the election, it was when we were still in the primary's. I asked him who he felt would be a good candidate, that I was truly sad about all the candidates, and he wrote me back saying we would all be smart not to vote for any of them.

I have believed this all along. Politicians - are corrupt and ignorant.

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Power-hungry egotistical greedy ignorant people who have no care for anyone but themselves on both sides of the aisle.

Politicians are disgusting and I had hoped Trump would be different and cut through the political corruption but I realize now there is a good-ole-boys network in DC no one can break through and part of that network is special interests including the media who have vested interest in protecting corruption in politics because they benefit when they can buy votes in their favor with bribes.

Though I didn't - vote for Trump

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I think his supporters and even he himself thought he could cut through all the political BS. Unfortunately, that is a hard wall to break down. I don't know what the answer is but I do fear for us as a nation with any of the leaders we have.

Sadly, nothing I can dispute in this column. - anon

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Thanks for posting this. nm - mt

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You are - welcome

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It is my hope that all that read this take something away from it. We are all citizens of this country with this moronic government, both sides of the major parties.

I still believe our only chance is to let all of them know we are tired of their corrupt ways and we are their bosses and they need to start doing what is right for all of us, not just the lobbyists.

I don't want wars! I want to live a peaceful and productive life. We do need to protect our country but we do not need to be shoving our beliefs on everybody else.

We have no power over political corruption - Politicians won't give up MAJOR $$ and change

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It is business as usual in DC and no one is going to change to eliminate their money train from special interests/lobbyists.

We really are not the politicians bosses and they know it. They offer up more of the same as far as candidates. So voters end up voting for the "lesser of 2 evils" but in any case, they are evil and will sell their votes to special interests even though that vote is not in the voter's interest.

I think the reason Trump won is some voters took a stand against the corruption (Hillary, etc) but you can see the political backlash Trump is getting for trying to change the way things are done in DC.

Sad, but true.
Though I agree with what you are saying - to a degree
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I don't think Trump is at all a stand against corruption. He is a beneficiary of the corruption.

We really should take back the position of being their bosses. The problem is, as seen on this board, we do not stand together as citizens and put these people in their places. We bicker so much among ourselves while letting them take advantage of it.
Here's the deal. Money talks. If voters - do not make significant financial contributions
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to a candidate, they aren't listening to you or me.

As far as Trump taking a stand against corruption, he knew from the inside out how much money talks because he used it to get favors from politicians. When he ran his campaign using his own money and did not take special interest money, many voters thought he could change the corrupt political system. But I think Trump is learning the hard way considering the special interest backlash he is getting, he cannot fight the corruption.

Bickering on this board and dividing and conquering is still not going to change the fact that politicians can legally accept cash or other compensation from special interest groups and those are the people who direct the politicians votes.
Well, it is thinking like that that got us into this - position.
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People need to start hammering their representatives with complaints. Not complaints about specific things like healthcare or taxes, but complaints about things like special interest group contributions among other things. People need to demand accountability. I personally think we should decide their salaries, not them. There are so many things we need to complain to them about, instead of focusing on just the things that make each side different. They need to all be put in the same bag and shook up.
Thinking like the above poster who admits money - talks in a corrupt political system
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Are realistic. The politicians vote for what becomes law and the laws protect the politicians. Fighting the politicians who make laws to protect themselves is like fighting city hall.

And you want a group of people to unite and hammer their representatives? These people have decided their team (Republican or Democrat) and will back their team no matter what. Just watch team Democrat versus team Trump. They are too busy pointing the finger at each other than at the political system corruption.

Politicians are in the same bag to me but there is no one powerful enough to shake them up. They make laws to protect themselves. They are rich and powerful. You cannot win.

As a wise person once said, the people with the money make the rules. Believe it.
And the person who said that - was probably rich
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You can win but not with an attitude like that. You are right about the people picking a team and fighting for that team but it doesn't have to be that way, people let it be that way.
"People" are the ones who are fighting over - Russians costing Hillary the election
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They wanted their team to win and the only thing they want is Trump impeached. Then it will be corruption as usual and okay with them. This is 50% of the voters who will be content if their "team" wins.

I am being realistic and it is unrealistic to think that both "teams" will get together and overturn all the laws the politicians made to make money and protect themselves.

The person who said that people with money make the rules was realistic and if you see an exception to that let me know.
Again, this is why they get away with it. - nm
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It is the way they get away with it. - Relying on their power and voter stupidity
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The politicians are in this to win it and they win it by voting in laws to protect themselves and causing voters to choose a "team" by blaming each other for the problems the world is in. Then voters pick a team and get sidetracked by stuff like Russian intervention in election or Trump in general.

So you got your teams and their backers who have no interest in joining forces with the opposite team backers or losing part of their team.

In the meantime you have a bunch of crooks running the government who I do not think are that bright or have any allegiance to the US or the voters.

Thanks for the laugh. I started to count the "stupids" and - "morons" but gave up.

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It's sad to think that a sophomoric article like this would be published at all much less swallowed whole by some.

On the Alec Jones level. - I have a firm rule...

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When I get to the third "stupid" ("idiot", "moron" or other adolescent insults) in an article, I shuffle along.

You should read about the author. He is - by no means "sophmoric"

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article included

Familiar? All too familiar with him, thanks. I've been - around for a very long time.

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The article is sophomoric and even somewhat histrionic, makes claims that simply aren't true (neither China nor Russia can match the US militarily despite the past 8 years of neglect by Obama), as well as applying labels like "war criminal" - which have very specific meanings and criteria - in an extremely irresponsible and inaccurate way.

The article is sophomoric in the extreme.
To each his own. You can disagree and I can - agree - that's what makes
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humans interesting. We all have different views.
Some views are more logical and educated. - Other views are knee jerk.
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Divide and conquer. That is how we have a corrupt system.

PS: Some humans are more interesting than others especially those who can argue their case without the use of the word "sophomoric".
I guess you can keep your head in the sand - and embrace the political system
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Fact remains, we have a corrupt system and the politicians are not the brightest bulbs to be running the country.

Hope that is not too "sophomoric" which appears to be one of the poster's favorite words used to undermine anyone whose ideas do not match theirs.

Facts confuse certain people who do not - want to face them.

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Those are the people politicians want to get out and vote and they count on to reelect the politicians who will turn against them when it comes to looking out for special interests who have bribed the politicians for votes in their favor.

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