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Canary in the coal mine

Posted: May 16, 2017

I would like to take Donald Trump and Scott Pruitt and put them in a room together and then blow in some of the Dow Chemical product that they think is safe enough to be used on others and let's see what happens.


Nothing better to do than plan destruction - of Trump!

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How very bizarre for anti-Trump posters especially old and burned out posters. Seems you all would want to go out and enjoy this spring day in instead of plotting destruction of anyone.

I would think you would have something better - to do than be on here

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criticizing. Talk about plotting destruction, have you seen the healthcare plan they came up with or seen Trump remove protections so companies can poison all they want.

Maybe you could go plant some tomatoes while you still can before the ground gets to contaminated to.

I do have something better to do. Work. Unfortunately - during my shift I am OOW.

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So I surf the net while waiting for work. I landed here looking for work on job seeker's board and saw headline about politics. I thought it was hilarious that an MT was plotting the death of the President of the US.

I live in condo and all planting is done by HOA landscapers which does not include vegetables.
Same here. OOW. Otherwise I don't waste time - here.
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Everyone on the right is getting desperate. - Clutching at Straws

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That is really sick - and creepy

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Not nice.

What is really sick is that they think it is a-okay - to allow dangerous chemicals

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To be sprayed again. Do you know what chlorpyrifos does? Google it. They have now made it legal again to spray.

I think it's completely appropriate for those jerks to get a dose of it before they unleash it on families in the country. What a step backwards.

What is sick and creepy is a bunch of rich old guys who won't be affected deciding it's fine to put the health of people in rural areas in jeopardy because they want to repay Dow Chemical who donated to Trump $$$.

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