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'Job-killing' Obamacare actually created

Posted: Apr 19, 2017

"The anti-Obamacare crowd has been trying to torture job statistics almost from the inception to try to justify their job-killer meme. As part of their campaign, they’ve claimed that the law has pushed more Americans into part-time work, since the mandate requiring employers to provide employees with coverage won’t apply to part-timers.  Right-wing billionaire Charles Koch floated this claim via USA Today in 2014 and Andy Puzder, the CEO of the Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s fast-food chains who was briefly a nominee for Trump’s Labor secretary, tried it on for size last year.  They were wrong. The truth is that the ranks of workers who are part-time for economic reasons — that is, because they can’t find work or are given fewer hours than they want or need — has come down sharply since the enactment of the ACA — to 5.5 million in March 2017 from 9.1 million in March 2010, a reduction of 40%."  Surprised


Statistics are created by a biased group just like polls - and I believe these to be as innacurate

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as the polls that predicted Trump would lose and Hillary would win the presidency.


Don't believe it then. I believe it a whole - lot more than Trump

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saying we're going to repeal and replace Obamacare with something better and everybody will have insurance.

So did you believe the polls that predicted - Hillary would be the next president?

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Polls across the board dismissed Trump as a contender for the presidency.

How did those polls get things so wrong? And now you believe statistics without any doubt as to bias?
I posted this article. There are plenty of - articles out there that
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prove Obamacare is not a failure. Both sides of the aisle agreed that the republican plan was a disaster, not better. Healthcare facilities hated it yet now are saying it is better than it was before ACA. I believe it is not a failure due to more than just this article.

As far as the polls that predicted Hillary would be the next president, she did get way more popular votes so I'll say those polls were half right.
Polls being half right is like being half pregnant. - Popular vote means nothing.
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Polls were dead wrong and misleading the public to think it was a waste to vote for Trump as Hillary's presidency was a done deal.

Polls are biased and so are statistics. No one conducts these for free and whoever is paying for the polls and statistics wants a biased outcome.
I didn't bring up the polls on the election, I - posted an article about
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the ACA not being a failure. It's not and how is that insurance plan that the pubs are coming up with coming along. I saw another version of it that they are basing on one in Maine and that also sounds like a failure. Maybe you could contact Trump and ask him where's the one that is better than the ACA.
Trump has been president for 3 months. Not - sure how long it took Obama to come up with ACA
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I have heard a lot of complaints about ACA raising younger and/or healthy persons healthcare costs so that lower income and people with a preexisting condition can afford healthcare.

Whatever happened to the days when government did not interfere with heathcare insurance and it was an individual's choice as to what they wanted to carry. I remember choosing catastrophic policy back in the day to avoid high premiums. I paid for individual visits out of pocket. Nothing too complicated.

I worked at a hospital who did not turn away anyone who was ill. Social workers helped a patient get Medicaid if uninsured.

Why is the government involved?
and I remember a time when I was a - single parent
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and I couldn't get insurance because I had a preexisting condition, catastrophic or otherwise. I couldn't get Medicaid because they said that I made too much, which was about $1000 a month. I couldn't even get it and pay partially for it. I had to either feed my child or buy my medications. I reached out for help and nobody had any. I did get my female stuff done at the health department but if they had found something wrong, I would have probably been dead by the time I found some way to take care of it.

I'm for national healthcare but ACA is better than it was before.
So is ACA rob from the rich to take care of the poor? - Not sure that is a good thing
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I am over-simplifying robbing from the rich to give to the poor but ACA robs from the young/healthy to pay for the poor/sick. That does not seem fair either because the young/healthy have priorities in their lives and expenses, maybe student loans, home payments, etc.

I do not like the government involvement. There was a time when a person I know was ill and she got assistance from drug companies and like you she made too much to qualify for full Medicaid benefits but they did help with her bills after a certain amount, kind of like a deductible.

The more government is involved in (mandatory) healthcare insurance the more prices seem to be going up.

These are actually gvt jobs due to ACA administration. - No really private sector, so no

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real growth in economy.

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