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Honeymoon from Hell

Posted: Apr 19, 2017

I'm not surprised at this whatsoever.;

That's not my reason for the hating. I just - despise the man. He's

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just a conman and that's all he'll ever be. Maybe that's why there is more "Trump hating" now. He is the "Honeymoon from Hell" because he is the president from hell. Nice try though.

Too bad that you are blinded by such hate. - sm

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He has already kept many of his campaign promises and is on his way to making America great again.

Unless your hate completely takes over, I do hope you'll be around to reap the benefits of a great America.

I'm not the one blinded. - nm

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Superb article! - sm

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Thank you for posting it!!


Yes, thank you for posting this. - sm

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I like that website, Newsbusters.

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