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If I win the lottery tonight, I will....

Posted: Mar 30, 2012

Money mouth


Go to the unemployment office and hand out - $1000 bills.

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Most definitely not be working tomorrow! - nm

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Sigh, I didn't win so I am working today. :( - nm

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I will not sit around looking at NJA during my shift-nm - mt330

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no message

share with you guys that work for MMODAL! - fedup

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buy land and care for neglected animals - n/m

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good one - wheres_my_job

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Get healthy. - nm

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of course, all that stress relief - wheres_my_job

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no, it's more like make doctor appointments, been 12 years. - nm

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Good point - I gotta agree with you on that one - wheres_my_job
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I will... - sm

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I would change my name legally, get into a disguise, claim money, change my name back legally, and then I would do random acts of kindness without anyone knowing it was me.

I would make an anon. donation to my church, establish college funds for the kids from "their long lost uncle who passed," walk up to a homeless man and give him the keys and title to my car and tell him I lost my driving privliges, would donate to food pantries in the name of "Santa" and to high schools for sports, music and the arts, and a million other possibilities.

Buy a home in a working fishing village in Maine and - Buy a 10-year supply of Keurig K-cups

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The Maine coast, an inexhaustible supply of coffee/tea/cocoa, and my laptop, and I'd be a satisfied woman.

Oh, and I'd take the hubs and my little doggie, of course :P

LOL - wheres_my_job

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...be surprised - (!)

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sign up for painting classes tomorrow! - wheres_my_job

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