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I just caught the first episode of Extreme Couponing,

Posted: May 19, 2011

at least I think it's the first episode, on On Demand, since the show is on too late at night for me. Anyway, I think there's something wrong with those women.  OCD maybe? They're so proud of having 40 boxes of cereal and 90 rolls of toilet paper. What they don't say is how much of that cereal and TP they go through before they buy more....and that one woman who took her husband with her and wound up with 4 carts of groceries....I didn't see a single piece of meat or produce go in that cart. Did I miss that?

I use coupons, but I don't go out and buy 62 bottles of mustard in one trip. The narrator said mustard doesn't go bad.  Oh yes it does!  I don't buy all those extra papers either and spend all that time cutting them out.  If there's a coupon for an item I want in my paper, then I'll go out and buy a couple more, but it depends on the expiration date of those coupons.

Another thing is that unless they put the cereals in air tight containers, it will go stale quick or get buggy, even unopened. 

My point is that this program is giving the wrong impression for couponing.  I do like the one woman's way of handling canned goods on that neat rack. Now that is something I would like to have. 

The only thing that I envy them for is that their stores give double and triple coupons. There is 1 store in this area that gives double and that's only if you have their card. Years ago, all stores did it but it was a losing proposition for them so they all stopped. Now it's only face value. 



re: coupons - esspy

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haha! Like OCD hoarders right!? I use coupons also, but don't see the point of purchasing mass quantities of anything! I agree with you, mustard does go bad... it separates and turns into curds.

On another note; I am liking less and less any reality TV show. I think that they make us Americans look like stupid, selfish, self indulgent idiots. I especially can't stand the shows such a on MTV; 16 and pregnant, that Jersey show... bletch!!!

I like when on the show they -

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buy mass quantities of things and then donate it all to people who need those things. Otherwise, I consider myself an \"extreme couponer\" if I save 20 bucks at the checkout.

What's the point of it? - coupon madness

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I have always used coupons, and learned how to do so at my mother's elbow. But, I know that an item isn't a bargain if you aren't going to use it before it goes bad, or if it's not part of a healthy diet. I've only caught one episode of this show. It seemed to be a married couple without kids, both around 40 but looked older. They were obese. Well, yeah, if you have a store room full of processed, high salt, high sugar foods, then you might find yourself packing on some pounds and eventually not feeling so good. Better save those coupon savings for medical bills down the road.

The bulk of my grocery shopping consists of whole foods, or simply, real ingredients. I don't see anyone buying meat or real veggies on this program. You can save LOTS of money when you buy real veggies and meats rather than frozen meals or boxes of just-add-water-and-put-in-microwave stuff. The coupons I clip are for my staple, basic items and paper products. Rather than dumpster diving for coupons, I'll spend my time in my vegetable garden raising real food.

I have watched this show for the past month or so that it has been on - I have figured it all out, sm

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First of all, they usually all start out with a life changing event, i.e. loss of job, addition to the family that is hard to afford, etc. There are forced into a situation where buying groceries because hard to do and they do have an OCD component that forces them to stock pile food/hoard. They buy so many of one item at a time because the coupon will expire and they look at those coupons as money. You would not throw away money that you are not using, so they feel as though they need to use it before it expires, thus buying 50 bottles of mustard. Then this stock pile of food, etc. is like a security blanket to them. Once the situation does not call for them to need such a 'security blanket' anymore, they can not stop because they are getting a 'high' doing it. Listen to their descriptions of how they feel at check out. The adrenaline starts flowing and they get nervous and anxious and then a high feeling when they pay nearly nothing. Their bodies are releasing endorphines. It is just like people who are addicted to gambling, sex, etc.

I also saw a story on the news the other day about the show. They said that this is the exception to the rule. It is really pretty rare that this actually happens. Also, these few people out here doing this are driving up prices and forcing less coupons, as stores and manufactors are losing money when they do this, which in turns makes it worse for the rest of us who use coupons in an appopriate fashion.

Finally, yes, I agree and have told my husband that these people are not buying fresh food and vegtables, rarely any meat, etc. which make up the majority of my shopping list. I do occasionally cook prepackaged foods and frozen food, as there are days that I am too tired or pressed for time, but the majority of the time, I do cook from scratch and make recipes with lots of fresh vetables, herbs, etc. In fact my kids are spoiled in the fact that their mom cooks everything from scratch, makes fresh pasta, breads, etc. But on the other hand, my kids know how to cook and make a well balanced meal.

Ever notice there are never coupons for fresh - meat or produce? "Consumer manipulation".

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Sure there is if you want to buy lunch meat and cheese or - Backwards Typist

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hot dogs. I still have a coupon (no expiration date) for hamburger if I buy such-and-such a product (forget what it is).

This week, the local store had a meat sale. I spent $77 on spare ribs, pork chops, and chicken and bought a package of 18 hot dogs because, not only were they on sale at $3.97, but there was a $1 coupon. If I loved hot dogs, I would have taken more advantage of that sale, but DH isn't supposed to eat hot dogs at all and I can only handle 1 a month if that.

They try to convince us that buying what we don't - really need at a cheap price is "saving money". s

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There's an easier, less-time-consuming, and much more effective way of saving money. It's called "Buying Only What You Truly Need, And Stretching It Out To Make It Last".

I do this to the extent I am able - AARPMom

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I really don't like the shop Extreme Couponing. Don't know if you know this, but a couple of the Q'ers could be getting in legal trouble for illegal couponing.

For most people who use coupons, they may have a stockpile, but not to the extreme as on the show. The real way to make this work is to buy enough of everything to last until the next sale that comes along. The sales cycle every 12 weeks. Some people will buy some things to stockpile for a year at a time (lotions, detergents, toothbrushes, etc.).

Because the stores where I live don't offer customer loyalty cards or double/triple credit for anything over 50 cents, it is a much slower way for me to stockpile. What I do take advantage of is anything for free. If I get a buy one get one free coupon, I wait until my local store has a BOGO free sale so I can get both items for free. I absolutely do feel good about myself when the register total shows a huge savings, but I don't go nuts about it.

I have to save and stockpile on items that I can because I am single and have no subsidies for my adopted child. My MT work is seasonal and I earn most of my income in the first half of the year. I'm hurting at Christmas time if I don't plan ahead. I pick up a lot of free products that I donate. Ex., I got two boxes of Efferdent for free this week and donated them to tornado victims.

As for the meats and fresh veggies, the show doesn't focus on that much because they want you to see the huge scores. Those don't happen every single shopping trip. A local store to me offers BOGO items on meat, so I stockpile that when I can, but I have limited freezer space. It is enough, though, to last me for a month or 6 weeks at a time. A lot of times you can find tear off coupons in the store to help with the costs of fruits and veggies. Also a lot of couponers belong to organic farm co-ops and get special prices through Groupon or something like that. Example, buy a $40 box of veggies for $19 today and redeem your coupon in 2 months when the produce is harvested. It is shipped overnight Fed-Ex.

The show just gives you a glimpse into a few elite shoppers. The rest of us are frugile, but not that extreme!

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