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WaPo newsroom after latest hit on Pres. Trump.

Posted: May 16, 2017

To the Washington Post, the New York Times and other left-wing outlets, journalism is blood sport. It’s not about a mission to deliver facts, but to fulfill an agenda. That couldn’t be clearer this week when Washington Post “Fact Checker” columnist Glenn Kessler tweeted on Monday that there was “applause in the newsroom as the Russia-leak scoop breaks the Hollywood Access record for most readers per minute.” It’s not the first time the mask slipped and reporters applauded in the newsroom. On Tuesday morning, Matt Drudge tweeted a link to a Politico story from 2009 which contained a pool report about President-Elect Barack Obama’s visit to the newsroom. After three and a half hours at his transition office, PEOTUS Obama took another 6 minute ride through Washington, arriving at 157 pm at the nondescript soviet-style building at 15th and L street that houses the Washington post. Around 100 people–Post reporters perhaps?–awaited PEOTUS’s arrival, cheering and bobbing their coffee cups. ;

They cheer the hit on Trump but fawn all over - Obama. How can anyone

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take them seriously?

Lefties with an agenda takes WAPO - seriously. They find anonymous credible

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This ugliness is frightening, that so many people are out to destroy the president.

And yet he manages to do it all by himself every day - by opening his mouth

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And putting his own foot in it. Honestly, poor Trumpy, we are after him! Not. His own worst enemy is his dumb big mouth and his followers who will hear no wrong.

When I was told everyone could be president when they grew up, I thought it meant if you work hard, even if you are disadvantaged or a minority, if you were well educated and had the leadership capacity, we all can be president!

Seeing Trump there, I guess it meant any idiot can be president as long as Fox News okays him and feeds his followers what they want to hear.

Honestly, this "president" is a disgrace, a charlatan, a crook, dumb as a box of rocks, should NEVER have been nominated, and he should be impeached. Even better, maybe he will just up and quit because you can tell it's getting too much for him.

He is an abomination and represents everything bad about this country.
No need - to
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Spread the fake news. Just because his views aren't your views doesn't make him dumb and doesn't make him impeachable. Tolerance and the maturity to handle and respect differing opinions were values that used to be taught in elementary school. To continue to spew the hatred isn't making anything better.
Continue to spew hatred? Nope, that is - the job of Trumpy
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The ability of the Trumpies to make him into some poor wittle dear is amazing to me. The man is the very definition of spewing hatred and ignorance with every breath he takes. But he tells you he is very smart and very rich and you pat him on the head and say Good Boy!

Ugh, he is a disaster for this country and a terrible human being. Not hate, simply logic.
How is it fake when the man himself - admitted to it and said
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he has an absolute right to do it? Just a few years ago he said the Snowden should be executed for giving Russia classified information - SAME THING!
It is not the same thing. Trump is the president - and has the right to seek help by giving info
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None of us know what information he shared, just that WAPO ANONYMOUS person said so. ANONYMOUS people lack credibility and so does WAPO. WAPO is so repulsive I am boycotting Amazon.
Well enjoy that! - I still don't see the
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difference. Even a conservative right-winged blogger named Erick Erickson - blog the Resurgent - said that he knows who one of the sources is and said he agreed with the decision to tell the Washington Post due to national security.

I think the president, most of all, has the responsibility to not just blab all of our classified information to countries that have not been our friend in all situations. I am flabbergasted that all of the people on here are still continuing to claim fake news and defending this man who has proven over and over in the last 100+ days that he is just flat unfit to lead our country!

I am not sure if pro-Trump people were hypnotized or got something in their drink, but I do know that if this had happened in the last 8 years the same people who defend this moron would have been screaming for Obama's head and more.
But we do know now that it was sensitive - information that should
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not have been shared with the Russians.

What do you hope to accomplish by boycotting Amazon? By golly I'm glad some people in there are keeping an eye on this guy. He definitely needs a babysitter.

I find it more repulsive that Trump doesn't have a clue what he is doing.
Ummmm..Never bothered the rad left that - the Russians among others
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nation states hacked Killary, which was confirmed by DBI and other national security agencies. Her lies got people killed, but yeah we get it, life of an American means nothing to the rad left as long as they are in the throws of their power grabs.
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Obama himself went to Communist functions in New York before becoming god-awful frightful failure of a pres he was. Obama also had Van Jones, and die-hard Communist IN THE WHITE HOUSE ON DAY ONE. Never a peep out of the Obamabots then. God only knows what secrets those two jelly heads, Obama and Jones, sold out to the Russians.
Why all the shouting? - Notnecessasry
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Tolerance and the maturity to handle and respect - differing opinions WERE values
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that used to be taught in elementary school. You are right, I learned them, and I have them.

Why didn't Trump learn them? Also, why are you holding me to a higher standard than Trump?

Trump has absolutely NO tolerance or maturity to handle and respect differing opinions at all, and Trumpies love him for that. Why?

His view not being my views don't make him dumb, what comes out of his mouth and what does NOT go into his head make him dumb. Differing views? Nope. Just nothing in Trump's personality but sheer venality, nothing in his brain but Fox and Friends and The National Enquirer. He is not bright.

He is an awful human being who has been elevated to this exalted position which he is in no way equal to.
"He is an awful human being who has been elevated to this exalted position which he is in no wa - Obama to a T
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No one more intolerant than Commie Obammie. No one more dumb than Commie Obammie. No one more intolerant than Commie Obammie. No one less mature to handle differing opinions than Commie Obammie. Guess Commie Obammie skipped elementary school where respect, maturity, and tolerance were taught...guess that was not covered in his School of Islam as a child.
Thank you for such a mature and tolerant - analysis and discourse
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^^Quite welcome^^ - ...
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Guess the truth hurts. ;)
No, no truth there...immaturity abounds - Immaturity of post hurts
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Your expression. No one takes that seriously.
^^Ummmm...you're quite mistaken^^ - Obama total failure as a human and a pres
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only thing in Obama wheelhouse is his golf. Waste of human flesh goofball Obama.
The educated say he was quite a success. - Obama ranks 12th in all time
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Oh, rats that liberal bastion of cspan and its educated participants.

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Why so surprised that journalism is a blood sport? - Politics is the epitome of blood sport.

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Especially when the start wars and send young American men to die in them. Or when they take healthcare away from millions of Americans.

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