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I know you don't trust the WaPo,

Posted: May 15, 2017

after hosting diplomats and their staff and a TASS photographer, really dished the goods on our intelligence gathering in Syria.  He doesn't seem to understand the difference between highly confidential information and folksy chit-chat.  Not to mention, you KNOW the camera equipment was bugged as well, Russian methods being as they are.  How can this have happened?  Isn't somebody on the job there, making sure there is some security in place?


Hey, I just turned over to Fox and even they - are showing this

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Weird. I never turn over to Fox but was surprised to see they were actually showing this story about Trump revealing classified info. Usually they seem to ignore anything detrimental to Trumpy. They will even show McMaster speaking soon.

I think there are people offering help with security and instructions, but we all know he doesn't listen to anything and he brushes off anything condemning anything he wants to do. Oh boy.

I don't watch Fox EVER but I'm guessing following this unusual dose of reality they will have a night of Sean Hannity pledging support and blowing off anything bad anything has to say about his buddy Trump?

This is all a lie - informed

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Someday you lefties are going to start something that cannot be reversed.

This is absolutely not true. I know someone had to bug this whole thing and interpret that in their own way. I hope they finally find out who is leaking all the stupid lies that they are doing.

If we all were behind this president, we'd have lots of things done by now as well as having our whole protective system including internet and computers, etc. safe.

Honestly, you all want to bring down this person. Can you imagine what this country would be like if Hillary had been elected. I shudder to think.

I hope all of us pray for our president and that God will reveal the awful person or persons behind this fake news and lies.

So who should we believe? Fox is reporting it - and CNN is saying

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McMaster is saying it is fake news. Is this now when we believe CNN? Hard to keep up with you folks.

Also CBS is bringing up the story but saying that - it is denied by people that

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were there, so are they still fake news?
CBS HATES TRUMP. I do not believe them. - They are equal in FAKE NEWS to CNN
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This whole thing is disgusting driven by fear of Trump upsetting the corrupt political system.
but CBS is saying it is denied and they are not - saying he did it nm
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So if they're fake news then I guess he did it.
CBS REPORTED IT WAS DENIED, but that - is because they had to!
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Trump haters are illogical. Garbage in, garbage out. This Russian connection garbage is tiresome. Hillary lost, Trump won, and the only people who care about Russia are lefties looking to blame Hillary's loss on anything but her unpleasant annoying personality and her shady dealings past and present.

"Early Monday evening, national security adviser H.R. McMaster dismissed an explosive Washington Post report alleging that President Donald Trump shared highly classified information with Russia's foreign minister Sergei Lavrov and Russian ambassador to the US Sergey Kislyak at a White House meeting on May 10.

"I was in the room. It didn't happen," McMaster said.

"There's nothing the president takes more seriously than the security of the American people," he added. "The story that came out tonight as reported is false. The president and the foreign minister reviewed a range of common threats to our two countries, including threats to civil aviation. At no time were intelligence sources or methods discussed, and the president did not discuss any military operations that were not already publicly known."

The general said Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was also in the room, and that Tillerson confirms the incident unfolded the same way."

Same as when they LIED ABOUT TRUMP - REMOVING MLK's bust from the oval office
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MSM and Libs lie so much, pretty clear they have not grip on reality.
Where were these scaremongers when Obama was ACTUALLY - trashing the Constitution, killing
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people with drone strikes, destroying the separation of powers...

We are four months into Donald Trump’s presidency, and we have supposedly reached a full-blown “Constitutional crisis”—because a president decided to fire a controversial FBI director?

Jesus said if you know the truth, it will set you free (John 8:32).
Maybe you should listen to - Jesus.
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The truth about this conman in office is all around you.
Maybe you should have listened to Jesus - No bigger con than Commie Obammie
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Obama a con, a liar, a racist, a liar, an incompetent, a liar, a lazy a _ _ , a liar. Just sayin'

NSA director already stated he was present for entire - meeting, and did not occur as

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MSM is reporting it.

BTW - Remember when Comey specifically stated at least 5 nation states that the FBI could identify hacked into Thunder Thighs illegal server? Then he gave Thunder Thighs a pass. Comey clearly stated they had gotten classified info strategic to nation safety...all the lefties said that was a nonissue.

So this is a nothing burger.
Not NSA direction, but the National - Security Advisor.
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He is one of Trump's stooges, and he was playing with words, trying to make it seem less critical. The NSC went so far as to contact the CIA and the National Security Agency to give them a heads up about how Trump had blabbed.

all a lie?? really? - JustanMT

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yeah right, God will not be revealing the awful person...this mess of a President is the only one throwing out lies. He seems to have the emotional maturity of a 10 year old and even that is stretching it. He's a liar, a hypocrite, a misogynist of the worst kind, and a self-serving egotistical fool.

I really wanted to get behind him, but every day brings a new level of ridiculous to this nation. We've become the laughingstock of the world. This is not his personal company where he can do what he wants when he wants and the hell with everyone else. There are three separate branches of government for a reason, but he apparently feel the checks and balances don't apply to him. All he does is boohoo on twitter day and night...and especially when he knows something is about to blow up in his face. Seriously, he spends more time on twitter than a hormonal teenage girl...get off Twitter and be the President...stop golfing and be the president....just stop all the stupidity and be the president already.

If he does not know what he is doing, he needs to get out of the way and let someone else lead.

And maybe he needs to go revisit Schoolhouse Rock, you know, to understand the how the Government works.

So, flame away....it's all good...lol

LOL - nm

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Were you there? How do you know it is a - lie? nm

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You weren't there either - So no credibility in your attack
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Well he just admitted - he did it and is

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now trying to justify it, so does that mean he is lying now? You can dislike all you want, but the hatred is pointed in the wrong direction.

Funny, if Fox reports something the left agrees with all of a sudden - they think it's legit! FYI, Fox has been

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taken over by Murdoch's lefty sons, so soon it really will be FAUX NEWS like all the rest of them.

Nope, wrong, I KNOW it is legit, I am just - surprised they are reporting it as such

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And we know they have an army of misinformed viewers who watch nothing else. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Yeah, they quickly went back to their "nothing to see here" narrative, but eventually even they must admit to the idiocy that is Trump.

I know his followers will defend him and twist what he does in every which way to make it acceptable to them, but for the sake of this country, the sooner ALL media report the absolute truth about this unqualified and dangerously child-like person heading our country the better.

Too bad lefties were never this rabid - OVER HILLARY JEOPARDIZING LIVES

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Maybe Benghazi lives would have been spared. Dems only have one set standards - double standards.

Short list of Trump's "truths" - Anon

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Here's a short list of why I don't believe a word from this man who is the leader (ugh) of the free world:

1. I'm bringing jobs back...many jobs...to the coal miners, the steel workers, everyone....except for the fact that the mining jobs are in the 10s, not the thousands. Steelworkers....well, he said he got jobs on the pipeline...you know, the one that is 90% finished, using non-USA steel...and those jobs will only last as long as maybe another year...two max...ummm...what??

2. I'm building a big beautiful wall...big..Mexico will pay for it...hahahahahah....yeah, okay...that'll happen.

3. Everyone will get insurance..cheaper...better...for everyone..way better than Obamacare....turns out not so much, hey? The people that voted for him will be the ones hurt most, as are the elderly, children with life-threatening illness, and pretty much anyone in a rural area, the most fragile and poorest among us...does it feel good to know this???

3. Obama wiretapped Trump tower...yeah, okay. Still waiting for the proof he claims he has..just like all the other stories he spews out day after day.

Can you honestly say this man is doing for us, the people? We employ him...he needs to stop lying and get his stuff together here......

Quite a bit compared to Loser Commie Obammie's - disasterous 8 years

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A "few" and I mean "few" Commie Obammie truths:

1. "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor period".

2. "If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance period".

3. First credit downgrade came under Obammie.

4. "Insurance premiums will decrease, on average, by $ 2500 per family" they went up ON AVERAGE BY $5400.

5. Fast and Furious.

6. Beneghazi Lies.

7. IRS scandal that Obama claimed there was not "one scintilta" of truth - yet lefties on this board claim Lois Lerner cannot testify be of covert Obama minions threatening her.

8. VA scandals. - too numerous to list.

9. Iran deals - Lied about the whole thing.


These are only 10- got plenty more. Can do this all night Commie Obama lied so much. ,

yep.... - Anon
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you may be right about all those and more...but let's see...ummmm....

8 years.....113 days....seems about even to me, no? oh yeah, 21 days of golf...all but two weekends away in those 113 days...lol

btw, love all the names you came up with...nice....lol
Clearly did not read the entire post. Clearly stated there - WERE PLENTY MORE OBAMA LIES
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But let's see...UMMMMMM - all Obama did was golf and vacation in between his lies.

Obama did nothing in eight years but flush the country down the toilet, left a mess for Trump to clean up.

Yep, correct that rad-left reasoning is so twisted they would expect Trump to clean up the mess it took Obama eight years to make. Not a big enough broom.

Well let's see, hmmm.. - What does that have to do
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with the PRESENT subject- nothing. Trump is still an old fool who should be kept under strict watch before he gives Russia the whole country!
This is what happens when an incompetent Soros spawn - like Obama is elected
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I could easily read where you said this was a partial list, but sadly for Obamabots, they are going to want to deny, deny, deny.
Truth means absolutely nothing to them.
So could I but you will deflect back to - Obama so why waste time
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You need to remember you won so why don't you focus on the idiot in office now. You can't because there is nothing you can say good about what he has done. Seriously, what has he done?????? Writing executive orders and golfing don't count.

deflection - sm

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Trump is our current liability. You want to talk about the past. he is going to royally screw the future and you want to talk about people who worked in an embassy and assumed responsibility for their own lives...defied suggestions as to what they should have been doing for safety...but go ahead....ignore the idiot in the white house. That will be much better.

Wait for it, wait for it....now the rad-left will - scream DEFLECTION

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Pretty much all they have left.

How do you know we weren't? - Maybe we saw the buffoon

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running against her as the doddering fool he is and as usual had to choose the lesser of 2 evils! You don't know how anyone felt after Benghazi or who they blamed except yourself!


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Anonymous sources are voices in MSM heads - and desire to keep their job

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They need to keep people hating Trump to maintain their job and keep Washington Post on Trump haters minds.

If anyone has any damning Trump news, the source is always anonymous. Ridiculous that people run with this and believe it.

It's okay...he is our god and he might send me - A check and make

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Thouse shiftless, worthless people work...and I'm so jealous cuz they don't ever work....it's okay he's an idiot that yells all...look, see he's honest

Sounds like an Obama description here. - Obamas was going to hold back

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tide. Obama likened himself to God. Lefties apparently never read that speech. Was as worthless and self-serving as all other Obama comments.

Hahaha...I know. Reminds of the woman carrying on, on TV - about her "Obama phone" and how

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Obama was going to put gas in her car, food on her table, and pay her mortgage! His second term, she was singing a whole new tune and it was not O-bama, O-bama.

These rad lefties just cannot reason through anything with common sense.

The post does not make sense and the link - is stupid. Garbage from lefties

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Too bad your candidate lost. Why don't you look for a suitable candidate who can win against Trump and a message that will reach voters.

Made no sense to me either, but I don't want - to crawl into a Lib head

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to try and figure out their thought process. That would be a very scary place indeed.

Marco Rubio, this stuff happens faster than we - can check it online. LOL

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Every day he is making a bigger and bigger fool out of himself and our country and you supporters don't really care. It's all about what Obama did or didn't do, what Hillary did or didn't do. Why don't you folks get your heads out of the sand and pay attention to what this fool is doing. The media is not to blame for what this idiot is doing, they just report it. You can only blame the media for so long before you have to wake up from this trance you are in. This isn't a game, it's our lives!!

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