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How Obama is Scheming to Sabotage Trump's Presidency

Posted: Feb 16, 2017

I'm sure the DemAlinsky fans will be happy about this.;

No one needs to sabotage this administration - Resist

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It is doing it all by itself.

This has already been - posted

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and still untrue.

What part do you think is untrue? - nm

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Maybe she would rather hear the warning from Kucinich. (sm) - Olga

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I like how he says, "Wake up, America" - WOW
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I wonder if it's enough for the libbies to wake up. What more do they need?
I believe Dennis Kucinich has it right - mt
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Glad he spoke out!!
And what does that warning have to do with - anonon
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the original poster's link about Obama doing all of this cloak and dagger stuff to undermine Trump? Not a thing. I think Kucinich is correct in that games are being played and manipulation is happening, but I think that the president is not going to handle it properly. The only thing I see is that Trump has pretty much bad-mouthed everyone except Putin and that sticks out like a sore thumb and we should keep our eyes on that.

If you keep posting it - anonon

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over and over, it does not make it true. Just like "there's no place like home, there's no place like home" is still just a line in a movie. And similarly, our new president saying and tweeting that it's the democrats and the news media that is causing all of the mayhem in his administration, it still is a big bag of rubbish that needs to be put to the curb so that he can get on with running the country, or stand aside so someone else can, instead of pointing fingers and making up conspiracy theories about those that are supposedly against him. Obama is not conspiring to do anything. He won't have to. This administration will soon completely implode all on its own.

Get real. I did not know it was posted. - OP

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No amount of snark is going to work in the demoncrats' favor.

I am not a democrat - anonon

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I am a registered republican who can see right through this guys smoke and mirrors. Just hoping that soon he can see he is in way over his head and resign and make VP Pence in charge. not that I hold out much hope with the narcissism he has. I am however not into the conspiracy theory sites that are looking for a way to blame the other side when their clueless leader brings it all crashing down. They will need a scapegoat and made a practice of using President Obama at every turn the last 8 years. They all need to settle down, forget the party line, and do their jobs.
If it walks like a duck... - sm
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...you know the rest.
By that 'logic' - Jesus
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I guess you're suggesting that everyone who voted for Ted Cruz when he won the Iowa Republican caucuses must have been a Democrat, too.

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