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WHAT IF? - A long read...

Posted: Jul 8th, 2020 - 9:23 am

What if...?

I tend not to buy into conspiracy theories, but lately I’ve been researching my butt off, trying to make sense of what’s going on in our world today.  What’s swirling around in my brain is terrifying.  From Q, (QAnon) to the Democratic Party, to the Clintons and Soros - I‘ve started piecing it all together, and I’m suddenly very scared. 

I want you to sit down, read this, and think long and hard about what I’m about to write, and then I want you to research your butt off RIGHT NOW!  Even if you think everything I’ve compiled in this post is a bunch of bull, I want you to research anyways.  I want you to do it for your own safety, and the preservation of our world as we know it!

So, I’ve been studying Hitler lately.  It was a total fluke.  But the more I learned about Hitler and his reign, the more fear-ridden I became.  All of a sudden, it hit me like a ton of bricks, and things started to make sense. 

History DOES repeat itself.  Perhaps the vehement desire to erase it right now is so we aren’t compelled to research it and become wise to what’s really going on in our country right now. 

We are about to become another dictatorship. 

Think about this:

Hitler managed to rule by causing chaos by dividing and conquering.  ONE MAN was that powerful.  And let’s remember, Hitler’s reign was a mere 80 years ago.  We would be naive to think the possibility of history repeating itself isn’t possible!

He started with a mere 300 militants, and in ONE YEAR that number was over 20,000.  His Nazi party grew to over 150,000 militants - and they were responsible for killing over 50 MILLION Jews. 

But what people don’t realize is that Hitler and his party also sought out to abolish the Slavs, Romas and Poles.  (Chechs, Slovaks, Indians and the Polish).  He also wanted Germany to grow into and to take over Russia.  There was a bigger plan. 

So how does a political party manage to replicate what Hitler achieved?  Simple.  They’re following his playbook. 

First, let’s start by releasing a man-made virus, and scare the living crap out of everyone, making them think they will die if they don’t hide in their homes, cover their faces, and distance themselves from everyone they know and love.  Then they will be forced to rely on the limited information fed to them and controlled by the media, with no ability to challenge it. 

They’ve convinced you to stay prisoner in your own homes.  They’ve convinced you to conceal your faces and hide behind masks.  They’ve divided us as a nation, so that we all hate each other. 

Why?  Because if we are all hidden and confused, we can’t see what’s really going on.  We are limited to what the media tells us, with the majority of our news channels owned by Soros and controlled by the Democrats. 

They’ve destroyed businesses, bankrupted families, and made a nation reliant on a paycheck from our government!  They’ve already started the process of destroying us financially, so we have no choice but to comply with a dictatorship or perish from poverty.  And we let them.  We CONTINUE to let them. 

Trump was the one trying to stop this from happening, but he was Demonized.  He’s been trying to tell you what’s really happening, but when the Democrats control most of the media outlets, he’s overpowered. 

Remember, Trump tried to mass produce hydroxychloroquine, but the media convinced us it was deadly, and that Trump only suggested it so he could profit off of sales.  But there is ZERO link between Trump and the manufacturing of the drug, that had been used for decades for diseases like Lupus! 

Then let’s incentivize hospitals to label every death as a Covid death by giving them a $39,000 paycheck.  Why?!  Why would hospitals get such a huge payday for Covid patients?

To increase numbers to continue to cause mass hysteria!  OMG - is any of this making sense yet?  Is the lightbulb going off yet?

All of a sudden social media platforms start monitoring content, because Heaven forbid we have access to information that might make us question every damn thing happening right now.  Facebook starts deleting posts and videos that begin to surface that challenge Covid, debunk George Floyd’s death, or anything that goes against the Democratic Party and what they want you to believe!

Control our access to information. 

Control, control, control. 

But that’s not enough.  There still isn’t enough of a divide.  So let’s start with blacks verses white. 

Enter George Floyd, a sacrificial lamb to the slaughter, that netted his family over $15 MILLION dollars.  Fifteen MILLION dollars.  Think about it. 

A video of an expressionless white cop with his hand in his pocket and knee on a black man’s neck goes viral, and the nation goes crazy.  Never mind the fact everything about the incident is suspicious; Floyd has hair, then he doesn’t have hair.  He was held on the ground for an eerily long time, long enough that the public could gather, video, and distribute to the masses.  As if you aren’t on your best behavior when you know there’s a camera on you? 

Let’s ignore the fact no trained Officer would handle an arrest this way.  Forget the fact the ambulance crew were in bullet proof vests.  No need to wonder why a pulse was never checked.  Who cares it doesn’t make sense why Floyd was a giant and his casket was made for a midget.  It’s all irrelevant, right?  No need to ask questions. 


Why did we see white people in gas masks breaking windows of stores, being the first to encourage looting?  Why did ANTIFA move in, pretending to march with the blacks, but in reality they turned peaceful protests into rioting? Could it be because the goal has never been to empower the Black people, but instead to cause chaos to the point the blacks just kill each other off?

There is speculation over whether or not this was an exact quote by Hitler, but Mein Kamph, (Hitler’s Bible) basically outlines this:

 “The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way, the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed. “

Whoa!  Holy crap, right?

Again, think about it.  How many blacks are killing each other in the streets every weekend now?  Do you see ANY white people being killed?!  No!  It’s all blacks and their innocent children!  They are destroying each others’ businesses, and are financially crippling each other, while the Democratic Party sits back and congratulates themselves. 

So what would be the motive, right? 

Did you ever think the goal is actually to abolish ‘undesirable’ races, but make them THINK we are advocating for racial equality?

Hitler said that society can’t thrive without genetic superiority. 

So what if the motive has been to reduce the black race and minorities, so that there is no one to oppose the new reigning power?  What if there really was the fear that the blacks control a large portion of the gun power, are considered a threat, and the goal is to flush them out?  If these blacks are brazen enough to go fight in the streets against their own race, they’d most certainly have fought against a white-reigning Democracy, intended to take over anyone that’s not part of the ‘elite’ party.  So let’s eliminate them.  Let’s eliminate everyone that might be a threat. 

A Democracy can’t reign if The People and an economy are thriving, and that’s exactly what happened when Trump took office. 

We have no reason to rely on them otherwise.  So how does the Democratic Party regain control? 

Create racial divide. Take away our guns.  Defund the police departments and then there is no one to oppose them.  Bankrupt society and make them reliant on the government for survival.  Pin everyone against each other.  Convince impressionable whites they should hate their own race.

Oh wait... that’s already happened!  You’ve been tested and you’re failing!

You hate Trump?  I want you to give serious thought to the possibility he’s the one trying to save this country, even if he doesn’t totally realize it.  He’s not one of them.  He’s the lone sheep fighting a nation brain dead robots that will believe anything the media tells them!

The Democrats had no choice but to jump into action when Trump won office.  All their work was undone when Trump won against Hillary.  The Democrats never anticipated that Trump would actually win, and he’s undoing all their years of manipulation and control.  He’s debunking the media, he decreased unemployment, he increased jobs, the stock market was thriving...  He was making our nation “Great Again”, and the Democratic Party couldn’t have that.  Heaven forbid Trump gets re-elected and continues to handicap their ability to take over our nation. 

Also think about this:

What state was the swing-vote for the Republican Party?  MICHIGAN!  Does it make sense that Whitmer was Biden’s first choice for running mate, and Michigan has been one of the hardest hit states with Covid, and has had one of the longest and most extreme state of emergencies?

Why Michigan?  How does it make sense Michigan could be so drastically impacted?  More than other hubs all across the country?  A state surrounded by water on 3 sides, and is NOT known as a hub, suddenly is one of the hardest hit states?! 

During Hitler’s reign, 6 MILLION were unemployed.  (Sound familiar?)  He made the people totally reliant on him for survival.  Obey and support him, you prosper.  Defy him?  You’re killed or die from poverty. 

Are you getting it yet?

History is repeating itself, and we as a people are the ones erasing it so that we are none the wiser!

The Democrats didn’t expect Trump to win.  But perhaps Russia really did intervene with his triumph, knowing that if he lost this entire world was doomed!

Did Epstein kill himself?  Or was there truly motive for Hillary to off him, to keep the heinous secrets of those who are all part of this DEMONcratic party?  At some point we have to realize not all of this can be fabricated.  It’s not possible!  There has to be some truth to what’s out there. 

So what have the Democrats accomplished so far?

The black race?  Minimized!  Republicans?  They’re taking our guns and hindering our ability to fight back! The police?  Defunded and becoming nonexistent. 

Sounds crazy, right?  But think about Tom Cruise and Scientology.  Think about what Leah Remini has tried to bring to light.  Scientology is a group of elitists, who rely on each other to thrive in society by doing favors for each other.  You join the inner circle by bringing a special gift/power to the cult.  Perhaps it’s a platform to gather followers - like being a celebrity.  Perhaps it’s money.  Perhaps it’s political power.  But by uniting - they rule. 

Look at a list of those involved, and now ask yourself if it’s so far fetched that this could have evolved into a regime that intends to control us.  Look at the list of names released by Q, who were all believed to be affiliated with Epstein, and were passengers on the ‘Lolita Express’. 

What if Biden really IS some sick pedophile?  What if all these racist slip-ups of his are how he REALLY feels?  Are these all just crazy coincidences?

Tom Cruise?  100% of his political donations are Democrat. 

Soros?  Democrat. 

Clintons?  Democrats. 

Christy Walton? (Walmart) Democrat. 

Oprah Winfrey?  Democrat. 

Tom Hanks?  Democrat. 

Bill Gates?  Democrat.   

Rothschilds?  DEMOCRATS - who are believed to be the masterminds and leaders of this cult that Epstein and all of his passengers were part of!  Look at the names on this list!  Democrats! 

The majority of the richest and most influential people in our country are Democrats!   Anyone that manages to speak against them or attempts to debunk what they are trying to accomplish magically dies!  (If I suspiciously perish, you know why!)

Is it coincidence Dems want abortions legal up to 9 months, so they can continue the anti-aging process with their ‘penis facials’, “derived from the progenitor cells of the human fibroblast taken from newborn baby foreskin ― which helps to generate collagen and elastin,”?

HOLY MOLY!  What?! 

You see, Trump didn’t need them.  He didn’t need to be part of their circle, now believed to be attached to child sex-rings, human sacrificing for anti-aging, etc.  And they never thought in a million years he’d win.  He did.  And now he has to be stopped. 

I want you to really think about what is going on in this country.  I want you to realize there is a very good chance you’re being played like a fiddle.  As you sit on social media lashing out at people from the confines of your home/prison, ask yourself how informed you REALLY are, and if you’ve allowed yourself to become programmed. 

You think you’re getting a vaccine to save you from a deadly virus, but what if you’re really being chipped and tracked?  Microchipping may be the new norm. 

Let’s also rid everyone of their physical cash so we move to a non-paper currency, so the government can complete control every cent you have.  You’re totally reliant on them.  (HOW many people are currently unemployed and are near penniless?)

Let’s all hate our own race, and convince ourselves we have to hang on every word of the Democratic Party and repent for being white!

Research adrenochrome.  Who wants to bet a new vaccine comes out for Corona right before election?  Now you know why!  It’s all a work in progress. 

God help us if this demonic party gains control.  We are doomed.  We are absolutely and completely doomed. 

Wake up, America!  Share this far and wide before we are all changing “Heil Democratic Party!”


Author Unknown


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