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A note from my friend - Simple Truth

Posted: Jun 5th, 2020 - 6:27 pm

I have a friend who asked me why I don’t post political things on my social media account.  I told her because I have a lot of friends.  Some of them might laugh, but many would be insulted and even if only one of my friends is insulted that is one too many.  I cherish all my friends.  Our friendship is based on childhood memories, school, church, activities, movies, hiking, camping, etc.  Politics has nothing to do with us being friends and we don’t discuss politics and remain friends.  The amount of guilt I would carry by hurting them just to “make a point” would, well lets just say it would not be good.  Why throw away 30+ years of friendship over a political disagreement, which neither of us can change. 

When people get onto social media and insult a President of the United States, call him all sorts of names, cuss words, try to insult his intelligence, they are not insulting him, they are insulting us, the people who voted for him.  However, it reflects poorly upon themselves and shows they do not understand the issues we are facing, they are only repeating what the media has told them to say.

Another reason I do not post political posts is that I work for a school.  As a teacher, pastor’s wife and mother, what I write reflects on the school, the community and the children.  What if I write disparaging remarks about the President of the United States and call him names that as an adult we should not be calling people these names and my students or my children read what I write.  They will then think its okay to repeat this because mom or Miss Sarah said it and Miss Sarah is always right, after all “she’s a teacher”.  We are supposed to be people our children look up to, someone they aspire to be like.  How can they if we write the worst of the worst, words of evil towards others.  How could I look in the faces of the people in my church and my husband after writing that the President is an “a-word”.  They cannot justify themselves by saying “oh I only “shared” it, I didn’t write it”.  If I write something that insults my children’s friend’s parents, how is that going to affect my children’s friendship with each other.  Do I really want to be the one responsible for the loss of their friends.  How are the people in my church community going to look at my husband, their spiritual leader.  Do you think they will look favorably at him?  Do you think I should risk harming my husband and children just to “make a point” or take the attitude of “I’m mad because my candidate did not win and so I’m blowing off steam because it’s my right”.  Freedom of speech does not mean you should say anything you want to.  Sometimes you just have to learn when not saying anything is the best thing for everyone you love.  That doesn’t mean I need to cower in a corner, I just choose what I should and should not say (or write) and understand what the outcome of my action will lead to. 

It doesn’t matter who you wanted to win.  As we’ve heard too often after the previous election – “If you don’t like the current president, then you have the option to vote him out at the next election”.  I often ask myself why don’t they follow their own words.

Gone are the days of innocence.  I grew up in a time when we could leave our screen doors open at night.  When people were “feeling groovy” and it was hip to be a hippie.  We danced in the park to The Doors, The Zombies, and Jefferson Airplane among others.  We made our own tie-dye t-shirts, wore hip hugger bell bottom jeans and put flowers in our hair.  Everyone was “groovy”, “right on” and “cool”.  We had “Flower Power”, “Peace” and “Make Love, Not War”.   As sad as it, those days are gone.  We no longer feel safe to be alone in the woods or on a hike or take a vacation to exotic places to rejuvenate by ourselves.  We now have to stay in groups, watch over our shoulders to see if anyone dangerous is following us.  We now live in a society where evil has grown.  People walking down the streets minding their own business will get “sucker punched” and then kicked while out cold.  People who go on vacations alone are attacked or drugged and carted off never to be seen again.  It is just not like it used to be and that is sad to see.

What I do know is this... anger, hate and destruction is making me tired.  It is making my family and friends depressed.  It is so heart wrenching, horrific, and mind numbing to think there are people out there who would do something like this.  We need to lift ourselves up.  Things are so out of control.  The people who are doing the destruction, causing mayhem, yelling and shouting down other people and writing disparaging comments about our leader, what will they tell God?  How will they explain this to Him and why they participated.  What will be their reason for burning down someone’s house or business, especially when it has resulted in a death of an innocent person.  They will not be able to say “I was just blowing off steam. It was all innocent”.  What they are saying and writing will not be able to be taken back.  It will be there for all history.  The future will not look favorably upon them.  They will end up in the same books with the SS troops.

Some people believe in an eye for an eye.  Sometimes I think that is fitting.  Do unto others as they do unto you.  Would these soul-less creatures creating mayhem, burning down building and beating up people like the same done to them?  I prefer the approach of Jesus...”turn the other cheek”.  But then, how often are we supposed to be beat up before we protect ourselves.

Lastly, I had a friend who shared one of her many Trump hating posts on her social media site.  This one was a quote written by one of Hollywood’s idiots (name will not be spoken).  It stated “I hope Trump realizes that when his presidency is over, the truth will come out.  The people he considered loyal will write books.  The way this White House was run will be exposed.  It will be immortalized as a circus.  The damage he’s caused will be studied for generations.  His legacy is irreversibly set”.  I’ve read it a few times and still shake my head.  They sure are not very bright creatures.  As my friend says “One fry short of a happy meal”.  My reply to him would be this:   Yes, President Trump does realize that when his presidency is over the truth will come out, which is what he is trying for.  That will be in 2024 and he has a lot to fix and report to us between now and then.  Yes, people WILL write books.  The way the White House is being run IS perfectly transparent.  The liberals/leftists/democrats/coms are the ones actually being immortalized as a circus.  All you have to do is look at the candidates they are trying to run with.  We have someone who will be impeached on the 25th Amendment before he even takes office (if he wins), you have a fake Indian, criminals (guility of the worst crimes).  It's just the worst of the worst.  It’s one clown show after another.  In their entire party they cannot even come up with one person that would be a qualified viable candidate?  Books will be written and books have been written.  The country had finally started to improve after the damage the last one did and the ones before him.  Now that we are coming up to an election I expected the worst of the worst would come out.  I never dreamed they would do what they did to start this, but why I am not surprised I don’t know.  We didn’t have a leader in the last person who sat in the office.  He was an organizer.  I need to say no more.

I am very glad that President Trump’s legacy is irreversibly set.  We finally have a President that has done more for the people of the country.  We finally have a leader.  We have someone that is thinking about how to improve our country and its people before himself.  He is holding the people doing the wrong responsible.  This actor who wrote such an insane post is most likely one of the people who is being exposed.  He IS part of the problem.  President Trump has not caused any damage.  At least to the country and the American people.  He is; however, causing damage to the people who are responsible for trying to take down the country, grab all the wealth for themselves, and make the poor and middle income poorer.  I find it truly amazing that all the guilty people who should be keeping their mouths shut and exercising their right to remain silent ARE the ones flapping their lips.  Every time they speak they expose themselves.  And they just keep repeating lies and things that didn’t happen.  I have a another acquaintance that told me Trump said something he didn’t say.  We watched the same exact speech the President gave.  How she could think he said something that he never said is astounding to me.  She’s yelling “I watched it, he said it”.  She is a true loyal hater.  I did not realize until that moment just how much she hates him.  I learned not to say anything while she was going off, but thinking how could she hear something that was not said.  It wasn’t until I listened to the news she listens to when they told their listeners “what he meant is”.  So in actuality he never did say it.  And because she is my sweet and dear friend I do not talk politics with her anymore.  How they can lie and live with themselves is beyond me.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought I would hear democrats saying that they are appalled that the President of the United States is taking measures to protect himself from being killed.  That he should just stand out in the open while all the thugs they sent infiltrate and harm him and burn it down.  As I said, the creatures are not very bright.

My other friend who does post on social media even re-posts sayings that she thinks is insulting the President, yet it is actually showing the opposite of what she thinks.  One of the posts she shared stated “If your kids ever ask why education is important, show them an Obama speech and then a Trump speech”.  I’m thinking, yes, please do show them the comparison.  They will show how uneducated the last one was.  At least President Trump can speak in complete sentences and without a teleprompter.  Obama could not even think without a teleprompter.  His speeches showed exactly that.  The man couldn’t even speak in coherent sentences.

Mark Twain once said – “No amount of evidence will ever persuade an idiot”.  He was right about that.


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