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Enemies of Religion Destroy Christian Free Speech - Joe Angione

Posted: Jun 14th, 2018 - 8:30 am

“Big brother” is listening to what you say and reading what you write. This spying isn’t new. But now, if your communications include negative comments about the LGBTQ crowd, or aren’t flattering to Islam, if progressive activists get their way, you might be prosecuted for “hate speech” under federal law. It’s getting tougher and tougher to promote Christian principles at a time when they are grossly misinterpreted or falsely construed to be attacks against the rights of others.

A recent e-mail posted by Mat Staver, founder of Liberty Counsel, a legal defense group dedicated to preserving, free speech, family values and Christianity, deplores the activities of four powerful, national anti-Christian organizations determined to end Christianity in America. Staver says they intend to do it by branding all Christian speech, and written communications as hate speech.

The organizations cited for this by Staver are the Southern Poverty Law Center, the American Civil Liberties Union, the Council on American-Islamic Relations and GuideStar, an international clearinghouse of information on non-profit organizations.

GuideStar’s liberal/progressive bent has it cooperating with the SPLC to place a “hate group” designation on Liberty Counsel for its legal work in support of Christians and their associations. This, Staver believes, was done to blacklist Liberty Counsel and convince donors to stop making contributions that are so vital to the success of its work.

The SPLC, Staver says, is determined to destroy Liberty Counsel and all pro-faith groups. For example, its tactics include expensive, punitive law suits and crushingly negative publicity disseminated everywhere Liberty Counsel receives financial support. Such scornful commentary has prompted leading Silicon Valley companies such as Facebook, Amazon, Google and Twitter to use SPLC’s “hate group” listing to include banning Liberty Counsel’s communications from appearing on their websites.

Staver has been forced to launch a counter suit intended to protect Liberty Counsel's good name, reputation, and mission. He states: “We simply cannot allow anti-faith and anti-family bullies to demean, discredit, and silence us.” Staver and his adversaries are still battling it out in the courts.

Easy prey for the Godless. Making groups like Liberty Counsel easy prey is the growing mood in America that says Christianity--rather than standing for all that is good in life--is actually a pervasive evil that seeks to punish anyone embracing a non-Christian lifestyle. Making it so difficult for Christians to defend themselves in our modern era is the extreme and often unaffordable costs associated with obtaining relief through the courts. Liberty Counsel’s resources are miniscule compared to the financial support that comes to its opponents like SPLC, ACLU and CAIR from billion-dollar corporate donors.

Staver is determined not to permit false and misleading attacks by the enemies of Christianity to go unchallenged. But money to cover a legal defense is in short supply. He’s asking everyone who believes in Liberty Counsel’s work in protecting Christianity and family values to consider making a donation to the Counsel’s legal fund. Liberty Counsel’s fight is a valiant and necessary one.

Satan’s ascendency gives our liberty an evil twist
In the previous issue of The Conservative Way, I explained that we—all Americans—are more to blame than any politician for the crime and corruption that has crept into our government at all levels. The American people are abandoning God, denying His existence, and allowing themselves to be possessed by the only force that remains when we drive God out of our lives: The Devil, Lucifer, himself.”

Since the influence of the “prince of darkness” has risen to unprecedented heights across the nation, our liberty has been twisted to become something ugly and gravely at odds with what our founders intended for us.

As a follow-up to last issue’s article, here is a stunningly perceptive piece written by a fellow journalist, Gerald Mucci, and recently posted on his conservative website: “Muccings.”

…Mucci laments that liberty used to mean “freedom of choice” in an environment of respect, safety and self-control. But today, thanks to various “progressive” influences, liberty has morphed into “do whatever you please” … “judge nothing—tolerate everything” … “a pervasive belief that “the moral rules of the past were based on ancient myths – they don’t really apply to anyone today.” He describes how this has brought us into an era of chaos in every aspect of our society and culture. His examination of this new era isn’t pretty:

When Liberty turns to Anarchy; and Anarchy into Oppression…

By Gerald Mucci

…We’ve all heard the warning concerning Democracy:

…A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the majority discovers it can vote itself largess out of the public treasury. After that, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits with the result the democracy collapses because of the loose fiscal policy ensuing, always to be followed by a dictatorship…

“Largess” need not be referring merely to government handouts. “Largess” may also be in the form of things that were formerly considered immoral. Examples include such things as gambling – which used to be a crime but is now government sponsored and widespread; abortion, which used to be “murder” but is now a woman’s legal right; and gay marriage, recently legalized. At the same time, Christianity, the Bible and prayer, which were common in our public schools until the late ‘50’s, are all legally prohibited.

As Benjamin Franklin warned:
“Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!”

…The Liberty that Ben Franklin referred to was a good thing, but only when there was a culture that valued individual self-control and personal responsibility based on mutually agreed on moral and ethical standards.
…Our predominantly Christian heritage gave our culture this gift – that is until the last few decades, and especially until the last few years. Our laws were much fewer and our personal liberties were much greater several decades ago. We had an inner sense of what was good and acceptable to say and do without the need for external, government-imposed laws and oppressive “political correctness.”
…Christians will often point out the excessive Jewish laws of the Old Testament Scriptures and rail against the Pharisees that promoted and enforced those laws. Newsflash! Our laws now outnumber the old Jewish Law by a factor much greater than 10,000 to one. Shouldn’t we be railing against this, much worse, current excessive “legalism?”

There are two senses to the word “liberty.” The sense given in our nation’s founding was a good thing. Back then liberty meant freedom of choice of belief and practice in an environment of respect, safety and self-control. More recently, that definition has morphed into a radical extreme. The sense of liberty today is “do whatever you damn well please”; “who are you to tell me what to do” … “judge nothing – tolerate everything”; a pervasive belief that “the moral rules of the past were based on ancient myths – they don’t really apply to anyone today.” Thus we have the negative definition of liberty – an out of control liberty that has transformed our culture into an immoral chaos of rebellion against morality, disrespect toward our nation, increasing lawlessness in our schools and cities, and acceptable perversions that were unthinkable a few years ago. This has become a form of moral and political anarchy.

…To counter a portion of this new corrupted version of liberty/anarchy, the left (progressives) shut off any kind of dissent as being “politically incorrect.” That means that if we say, write or do anything that the anarchists find disagreeable, we will be called bigots, haters, various “-phobias”, and generally marginalized. Think of any topic: Sexual morality, affirmative action as government-endorsed discrimination, pro-national borders, gun rights, abortion counseling, smaller government, lower taxes, promoting drug abstinence, nationalism/patriotism. Any and all of these things will bring on a torrent of hate down from the progressive left.
…Moral and political anarchy has become Oppression. Jobs and careers will and have been destroyed by our disagreement with the radical “liberty” promoted by the left. Christian bakers and photographers have been the front line victims. It will not stop there. There will be a point, soon coming, where churches and Christian schools will not be able to teach Bible principles that conflict with the radical libertarian left. That is Oppression.

…True liberty requires a generally accepted moral foundation. That foundation was Judeo-Christian teachings inherited from our founders. To the extent that the moral foundation erodes – and it has in a destructive way - additional laws are required. True liberty diminishes when more laws are forced upon us by government. And this leads to oppression. And the majority wolves in this unintended “democracy” prevails against the sheep.

Joe Angione
The Conservative Way

LINK/URL: Enemies of Religion Destroy Christian Free Speech


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