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Other inquiring minds want to

Posted: Apr 19, 2017

Do you folks who support Trump have any answers?


I have no answers to Trump's plans nor - have answers why Trump haters want him to fail

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It's all a mystery to me and pretty much borders on crazy.

I hope for the best from Trump and am puzzled why others want him to fail. Inquiring minds want to know why posters bombard MTStars with anti-Trump posts.

What's anti-Trump about it. He speaks with - fork tongue.

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This is nothing about wanting him to fail, it is a legitimate question. Will he bring all his business back and hire all Americans or will he just ignore his business while telling the rest of us what to do.

I said I DO NOT KNOW ABOUT TRUMP PLANS - and Trump posters do want him to FAIL.

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Otherwise they would not spend all day digging dirt on Trump.
What we want doesn't matter. He's causing - himself to fail by sheer incompetence.
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Trump, most corrupt and inept politician ever - What is not to dislike?
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Here are my top reasons:

1. Said he was sending the "armada" to North Korea and it actually went to Australia. Huh?
2. Said in interview we had bombed Iraq after US bombed Syria. Huh?
3. Said his employees were suffering under ObamaCare. His employees did not have ObamaCare.
4. Said his replacement health care plan (that he never "revealed") was so much better--so much better that 20+ million people would lose their insurance and the costs to middle class would increase while rich got bigger tax cuts.
5. Said he would release his tax forms, but never did. The only reason to hide this is because he does not want us to know.
6. Paid off claims against his Trump University and Foundation to "make it go away."
7. Bragging about sexual assault on women.
8. Complaining about Obama play golf, etc., while he is squandering my tax payers money while he frolics in Florida.

There is more, but I have to get to work.
Trump haters could not go a day without - spreading manure. LOL
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Why not move away from this country whose president lefties hate?

Lefties work? Maybe as garbage collector's in their spare time when they aren't spreading manure?
Did you move away when you hated Obama? - No, Obama haters were
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on this board posting your hate about him. Is manure the new word now? I've been seeing it a lot lately.

Why not try to defend this idiot in office instead of insulting "lefties." Everything in that post was true about him so it is not "manure." What is most "manure" to me is that people still support this idiot in office!
I voted for Obama once. Did not HATE him - even though I did not vote for him second time
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Sorry but I just do not have time to waste or hatred to drive me to bash a political figure I did not vote for.

Amazing and amusing to me that the haters have so much contempt that they spend hours digging for something to post that is anti-Trump.

Sorry for you all. This cannot be good for your physical or mental health.
Well good for you, but many did post all - kinds of hate.
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There is a difference between spreading hate and posting facts. I don't think anybody spends hours digging up stuff. The guy is a conman and really doesn't know what he is doing and most news outlets have it right there on the front page. I even have posted things from Fox. For the most part they support him but you can't deny things he does. I'm "sorry for you all" because you can't see him for what he is.
one million likes for this post - nm
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Thank heaven you are just an anonymous poster - and cannot give a million anything
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to anyone. Cause posters who spend hours bashing Trump, usually are either jobless or minimum wage just barely making ends meet. I often wonder what drives the hatred and I think it is jealousy they will never achieve what Trump has.
The thing is I wish there was an agree - button
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I really don't like what he is doing but I do agree with the posts. Actually, I have a good job making much more than minimum wage and am in no way jealous of Trump. I would say I am appalled by him.

If you wonder what "drives the hatred," maybe you should actually read the posts about what he is doing.

Trump as prez - Crabby

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I think he will be stopped at every turn from making any progress. That said, I don't know what to think of him. He definitely tends to forget what he says...a lot. He seems kind of paranoid which makes him dangerous. Remember tricky Dicky? We didn't know how bad THAT guy was until he was dead. At least with the Donald we know we are in uncharted territory with a politician who isn't a politician and seemingly cannot put a 5-word sentence together without offending somebody. I can't even say he has his own charm because I sure haven't seen it. However, he does tend to say whatever he is thinking. That's pretty transparent. Name 1, just 1, other politician who EVER says what he is REALLY thinking and doesn't REALLY care what people think. Not good for a politician maybe but obviously good for business, and his will roll right along when he is done wasting 4 years, that we can never get back, partly because congress on both sides will block his every move. So, what side am I on? I don't really think I'm on Trump's side but I also don't think we were given much of a choice. Both candidates are/were so far out of touch with what it is to be American that it's almost hard to believe. I imagine them both living in their version of an ivory tower, or maybe its a tower of Babel. They really aren't that different. Neither knows what it's like to dig for an insurance card -that isn't really going to help - at the doctor's office, or choose between buying their prescription meds or eating every day, or having to look for another job at the age of 50 because they have a degree that is useless because most of the jobs they are qualified for have been outsourced, or borrow money to go to school for that degree and wonder if they can pay it back before their job goes overseas in a puff of smoke. I think its time for an American that cares about Americans to take over. God, I wonder where he/she might come from.

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