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Legalized pot (which is an oxymoron) is ruining

Posted: May 17, 2017

Durango.  Been there several times on vacay, but never again.  Nowhere in Colorado, for that matter.  I'm looking at Idaho - beautiful state and the citizens aren't loony.


Sadly, this is true and I experienced it firsthand - in Pueblo and Colorado Springs and Denver SM

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First we moved to Pueblo, for the ex wanting legal. Okay, fine. Safer than being busted in a non-legal state.

I wish it would be legal on a federal level and then these problems wouldnt ruin specific areas with everyone flocking to one state.

Panhandling at area grocery stores, WalMart the biggest, many people standing on many street corners with signs for begging.

Panhandlers come off the corners and right up to cars gridlocked at red street lights and you can't stop it. All you can do is roll up your windows and keep your doors locked, and sit there until the light turns green.

Then on a popular social media website, multiple pages created with buy and selling of stolen goods, as well as people begging constantly with the same theme of "we moved here with only what we could fit in the car and we need everything" or the ever popular "single mom needs this or that with another baby on the way" kind of thing that got old real fast. Strange how I never saw posts asking about free or low-cost birth control help.

Shoplifting is the most popular form of self employment, and then selling it on the aforementioned social media site pages.

Police have bigger fish to fry, but they did crack down on those pages, or the website itself did.

Of course, hardly any of these people move there with a dime of savings, no plans, no jobs, no backup, no nothing. So many people think they will move there and get a job in weed shops, never thinking ahead or knowing that you need a badge to get a job, and NO criminal record, etc, etc. and when I lived there, it was $150 fee to apply for a badge. No badge, no job.

Of course, a lot of employees were selling what they scrounged off the dispensary cutting room floors, or could steal. That was a side job for many people.

The social services groups first tried Greyhound therapy, but they ran out of money real fast. Then had to serve only city residents first, no out of state people.

Just legalize it on a federal level and be done with it. The problems are already everyhere, legal in certain states only brings more people and more problems to that area.

It's also expensive, heavily taxed, or was when I was there. People didnt know or didnt realize that when they came there. I dont know, if they thought it grew wild and free in the fields and you go pick what you want?

It's a mess. I'm glad some states are starting the trend to legalize it, I wish the feds would do it and get it over with.

You wish pot were nationally legalized? - You obviously know nothing about pot.

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The evidence is mounting by the day, week, and month: POT HAS CONSEQUENCES.

People who call for nation-wide legalization of pot make me sick, especially since I do a lot of ER and psych notes that show unequivocally the degradation of drugs including alcohol, pot, meth, heroin and abused prescription drugs.


Get a clue or sign off the air, please. Your legalization crap doesn't wash in the real world.

Wow. Who appointed you judge and jury - of the planet???

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I do a lot of ER and psych notes too and alcohol and meth and heroin are most of the problem. I consider it much less dangerous than alcohol but all the lawmakers are drunks so they will never do anything about that. So are prescription drugs.

People like you who throw out blanket judgments - make me sick. I did NOT say SM

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anything about legalizing heroin, meth or such.

People are already using and abusing it, so hiding it and keeping it illegal sure isnt stopping or controlling it.

Main reason I want it legalized is so it doesnt multiply problems in one city or state region.

You obviously dont do any ER notes about people who use it medically and recreationally and are just fine, perfectly decent and respectable, functioning members of society.

All those children with seizures and neurological disorders whose parents use it for them; they're going down the road to drug abuse hell, aren't they? Nope. We dont dare legalize it cause those babies are going to get high and be hard core druggies and criminals.

Hop on that bandwagon to make alcohol illegal, cause it's destroying lives and families when it's abused. How bout them prescription drugs? Call your senator and congressperson, get them scrips declared illegal so nobody can have their life destroyed by using them.

Some of you might want to try it. Maybe it - will take that edge off.

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What exactly does "Get a clue or sign off the air" mean?

I'd like to see pot legalized, and alcohol banned. - Pot=mellow; Alcohol=mean.

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Alcohol is one of the biggest substance-abuse problems in the country.
Totally agree - with you
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I've been saying that for years. Every time you turn the news on somebody has been in an alcohol-related accident. I have never heard of a pot-related accident, unless they were drinking and smoking pot or smoking pot laced with something. Neither should be used when driving but just pointing out that alcohol is much more dangerous.

Pot is not a drug.... - LMT

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quit putting it in the same class as alcohol, meth, heroin, and prescription drugs.

It is a healing herb. Not a MAN-made substance which is what is ruining this country...not POT!! It has been around FOREVER and is not going away. People just have to educate themselves...and quit living in the dark ages about it. The only reason it is illegal is because the government wanted to control it...like they do everything.
I actually think the pharmaceutical companies - are the ones responsible
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for keeping it illegal. They would lose business if people started smoking pot instead of popping pills for thinks like pain and anxiety.

It would actually be better for the government and the people if it was legalized. The government would get tax money and the people would not have to worry about what's in that joint they're smoking. It would create jobs and stop the illegal flow of drugs (at least pot) into this country by the "Bad Hombres."
Yep, your right!! - LMT
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I was just stating that when it first became illegal the government did that, but you are absolutely correct about the pharmaceutical companies not wanting to legalize it...and I agree completely with the rest of your statement!! It would be better overall if it were legal and it will happen soon. More and more states are realizing that and have quit fighting the inevitable.
Nothing but the truth - anon
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The benefits of marijuana far outweigh the disadvantages - anon

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New studies are emerging almost daily about its benefits, with the latest being it has been shown to reverse aging in the brains of mice and that is now set to being human trials. This is huge for those who suffer from memory loss and dementia, as my mother does. If it can help her, you'd bet I'll be wherever I need to be, advocating for legalization. Actually, I already do as I still, in my near middle age, cannot understand why alcohol is legal, cigarettes are legal yet pot is not. Well, that's not true, I understand why and it's big Pharma. Time to change laws AND disinformation.

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