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Biggest orchards could soon use robot fruit pickers...

Posted: May 15, 2017

vast fruit orchards each year requires thousands of farm-workers, and many of them work illegally in the US. Two of the biggest orchards could soon replace the majority of these workers with robots that don't get tired and can work 24 hours a day. FFRobotics and Abundant Robotics, of Hayward, California, are racing to get their mechanical pickers to market within the next couple of years...Experienced pickers, who are paid by the bin, can make more than $200 (£155) a day...;

Now at least there is an incentive to industrialize and - accept more efficient ways of

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manufacturing. Cheap labor hinders the technological progress. This will reduce what we pay in the grocery stores.

Plus robots don't urinate on the crops.

How do you figure this will reduce the - price of the fruits and veges?

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We've been fed that bull for years that technology will save us money yet the cost of living continues to grow.

I have no problem with cracking down on illegals doing these jobs but many are here working legally with work visas. I would like the employers being cracked down on for hiring illegals but don't buy that technology is the answer. It does take jobs away from yet more humans. Again, crack down on the employers hiring illegals, use legal workers who will be paying taxes. Prices will still go up but at least people will be working instead of robots.

This will not reduce what we pay, will just enhance profits. - Greed is the American way nm

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Those darn companies wanting to make a profit! - How dare they!

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So do you not want more profit for your work? - If so, would you be greedy?

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I do not know of anyone in any workplace who does not want more money for what they do.
I don't think the CEOs should be making - 400 times what I am making
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Do you?
Not sure about 400x but if I created and ran a company - I would want a whole lot more
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My hard work and creativity plus keeping the company growing and profitable should be rewarded more than the people who are lucky to have a job working at my company. Not sure of the profit margin versus what workers are making but YES I do deserve a whole lot more.
and I didn't say you shouldn't make more - but they aren't worth
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as much as they think they are worth.
And probably neither are you according to others - All a matter of opinion
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Here's a thought...You accept all the risks, financial outlay, employee problems, employee BS, EPS regulations, banking regulations, IRS regulations, wage regulations, Obamacare regulations, and all the other crap that comes with operating a business....If you're still in business after 5 years, come back and let us know whether you, as the company owner/investor are getting what you deserve for your 24-hour a day responsibilities.
aha...finally economics comes to MTs on - MT Stars...not so peachy
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hard to be Republican and get taken by the corporate takeover of MT, isn't it?
HuHHHH - No sense here at all
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some people have a hard time differentiating between corporate - and small business. We put our money
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on the line to start a small business that caters to third shift people. Why shouldn't I make a profit? What's the point if we don't?

Yes, you DO deserve more. It's your money on the line and those employees will be out of a job if you fail.
Again, I didn't say you shouldn't make - a profit and I don't think
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small businesses are the ones making 400 times what their employees are.

Don't twist what I said. Many of these big corporation CEOs are making anywhere from 250 to 450 times what the employees make. I saw a few making 1000 times more. They are not worth that much more.
Prove your statement - Nothing to back up this claim
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Therefore, lacks any credibility.
a simple internet search will prove it - I'm sure you can do that
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Evidedntly you could not do a proper search - Your numbers way off
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Try again, I'm sure you can nail it w/multiple efforts.

Cost of the robots and maintenance probably - keep costs static or increase. sm

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Tech-savvy robot operators will have to be hired, which will cost the farmer a pretty penny, too, and may cost about the same as several human hired hands. JMHO.

I look forward to eating the tasty, nutritious, - LESS EXPENSIVE

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increase minimum wage = more automation - nm

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robots = less jobs for humans - nm

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You mean less jobs for illegals - anon

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That's just fine with me.
No, that's not what I mean but keep with - your talking point.
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People that think that it is only illegals really need to get out more.
But isn't that the typical lib argument as to why we "need" illegals? - anon
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To fill those sorts of jobs? Perhaps you should get out more or just pull your head out of it.

Like the cotton gin. It's progress. - NM

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and driverless cars are taking technology - too far nm

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I look forward to driverless cars. - Tesla for me in the future.

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Think of eliminating human error for teens, older people, drugged or intoxicated people, etc.
we will agree to disagree on that. For me - driverless cars are going
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to cause a lot of problems. How about getting teens to stop texting while driving, have old people stop driving when they can't do it anymore and do more than slap the drunk or drugged drivers on the hand. That will help a lot.
You can't take a broad brush and solve - driver's problems.
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If you could solve driving issues such as, teens texting, old people would stop driving when they cannot any more and the drunk and drugged drivers would be off the road. This has been going on for years and you cannot stop deaths by all of the above drivers.

That is where the driverless car comes in. Too old to drive, step into this car that does not require your driving. Want to text while in the car, step into this car that will allow you to text without causing an accident. Want to drive in after a drug deal or a night out partying, step into the driverless car.

I really think it will save lives.
and a broad brush can't solve computer - problems
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computers fail all the time.

Why - not

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Technology did us in ... why not everyone else, skilled and non-skilled! Saw an article on BBC last week about a robot performing ophtho surgery, so then who's next, doctors?

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