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Why banks are

Posted: May 18, 2017

When people talk about how tax cuts for the businesses will help everybody because they will create jobs, think about this.  One of the big reasons stocks took a downturn was because without the republican agenda and Trump's promised tax cuts they will not profit more like they thought they would.

I haven't seen any of these corporations say "darn, we can't hire more people and create jobs." 


Tax cuts for the rich and deregulation bubble - taking away protections

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This inflated stock market that Trump proudly claims credit for is based on smoke and mirrors.

The hedge fund managers have been speculating on the dismantling of the protections for the middle class and environment, shifting the tax burden to the middle class and returning the financial/business regulations back to the old days of the Bush administration's pre-depression. Wall street bankers and hedge fund managers have been filling their money bins.

Without Trump there to rubber stamp the Republican Congress' plan, the bubble bursts again.

We need to make sure the we have lawmakers in Congress who understand that we need a balance of protections for the middle class and our environment and real steady economic growth. The Republicans have a binge and purge economic model that does not work in dieting and it does not work for a healthy economy.

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