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Something to think about. Who is anonymous

Posted: May 16, 2017

Just thinking about who was in the room close enough to Trump when he allegedly gave Russians classified secrets and why this anonymous source decided Washington Post needed to know. 

Doesn't it sound fishy to you?  Also do you believe anonymous sources from anti-Trump WAPO are credible - if indeed there is such a person as anonymous source.  Undecided

Like why would anyone do this?  What is their motive?  More leftie claims Trump has ties with Russia and they knew this would be HUGE fostering more contempt for the president? 

Something STINKS. 



I thought the same thing but didn't bother to post it - here.

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The MSM has proven time after time that it will lie, - cheat and steal for the Democrat Party

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so how can anybody now believe anything that they write print or disseminate. I certainly don't, we certainly don't, and only fools that want to believe do,

The relentless, irresponsible, highly partisan attacks by - certain members of the press

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raises the question: Is the MSM guilty of treason or sedition?

The press investigated itself and found it did - nothing wrong. LOL!

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MSM reminds me of the old Soviet propaganda machine.

"The press is impotent when it abandons itself to - falsehood." Thomas Jefferson

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to Thomas Seymour, 1807.

Who owns the Washing Compost? Bezos who hates - Trump. Washington elitist insiders

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are still trying to corner Trump.

Why does Bezos hate Trump. Makes me want to - BOYCOTT AMAZON!

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I am addicted to Amazon but if Bezos is behind this, I will switch my on-line shopping to Walmart. My grocery store is now delivering groceries so the stuff I order on Amazon Prime can be bought locally and delivered.

Bezos is a leftist who endorsed Hillary. She documented thousands of - of classified documents for years, but

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WaPo praised her. They have a political agenda. Amazon only pays a tax rate of 6% and this was exposed by the NYT!

No one reads the WP anymore for these very reasons.....The paper has simply dumped all of it's former journalistic integrity down the sewer.

I let my Amazon Prime run out and didn't renew it - in March. I knew about Bezos hating

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This is why. - In a nutshell.

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That is something to think about for all - but lefties will refuse.

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If you thought the president was distributing classified information, why would you go to Washington Post and not go to someone who can do something about it?

And what weasel dumps this information on a left media outlet and remains anonymous. Why not give your name if you want to be a "hero" and expose the president for sharing classified information.

Something is wrong here on how this was leaked and to who it was leaked.

WaPo has an ongoing effort to sabotage Trump - putting Americans at risk. It's being aided a

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abetted by the rest of the MSM. National Security has been put at risk by the Washington Post.

Leaders share intelligence info all the time; bin Ladin, - terrorists, you name it.

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The left is STILL trying the Russian angle and trying to turn everything in "Watergate" which was nothing by today's standards.

Considering all the crap going on today, remember we fought a revolution over simply a tax!

Be prepared.

Hillary leaked classified info on nuke launch codes! - The media ignored that.

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WaPo is nothing more than a leftist lobby group or - wing of the Democrat Party

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The leftists WaPo is demanding a transcript of the - classified meeting! Who do you think they are?

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They are actually running the Democrats and - setting the agenda.

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Well according to a VERY right-wing - conservative who does a blog

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called the Resurgent - names Erick Erickson - he knows one of the sources and said they are a reliable source and that they did the right thing. See link to his blog below. Nothing fishy except what Trump did if you ask me!

Anonymous is anonymous is anonymous. - NO CREDIBILITY.

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You want to remain anonymous, you got something to hide and to weasel around leaking information about the president as "one of the anonymous sources" makes you untrustworthy and a traitor.

Anybody with a name who gives this information and proof, I will find credible and can change my mind. Any creepy crawler without an identity who phones WAPO is low-life snake and I hope they are exposed.

I have wondered, ever since Trump was running - mt

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against Hillary, what they might do to him.

The elite have extreme science and believe in surveillance and control. I believe the White House is probably under surveillance. Maybe he does too. Maybe that's why he goes to Maralago (sp?). Maybe the same is true there.

I have heard that sound can be made to go through the bottom hole of an electrical outlet. Don't know if this is true.

Also, they can read people's minds remotely.

Princess Diana was under surveillance nm - mt

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