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Oh goodie

Posted: May 17, 2017

Putin wants to share a transcript of the Russians' meetings with Trump.  Should we agree?  Do we really want to hear what secrets were blabbed? 


I do. Maybe there is no secret. - Putin can help or hurt Trump

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The catch is if there is nothing, the liberals will say it's because Putin is Trump's BFF.

Just saw on the news that Putin called this investigation schizophrenic - I agree with Putin. Liberals are schizo screaming the sky is falling and the only thing falling is the liberals without a plan and without a clue how to win an election.

Agree - totally

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The world is laughing at how idiotic this all is. The thing is, the left can't even remember why they said the sky was falling last week. The reason changes from week to week, and here lately, day to day. It's hilarious when you read the side-by-side comparisons of only six months ago they were calling for Comey's release, and all of a sudden there's outrage.

On a daily basis, the White House is running - amok like a stirred-up ant hive.

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The WH is now all about drama, paranoia, mental illness and hystrionics. Absolutely NOTHING constructive has come out of the WH since TrumpelOrangeSkin took office. Nothing. Zip. Nada. Zero. Zilch.

Lots of backsliding, loss of progress, and partisan infighting. But nothing positive. Do we really want 4 whole years of this?

Someday the Orange-o-tan will look back on his decision to run for President as the stupidest, most self-destructive thing he ever did in his life. (Not to mention the lives of the rest of us in this country.) He previously "had it all" (at least in theory), and he has thrown it all away.

I hope he has lots of time to look back and reflect on his poor decisions from the confines of a jail cell.
The news has made Trump's efforts - into a joke. And the people who believe the news
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are what Putin calls schizophrenics. The news stirs up the mentally deranged Trump haters and there is much ado about nothing.

MSM does not want the change in politics because they benefit from politicians corruption. Trump won because normal people saw the corruption and Hillary was the poster person for crooked politics.

Trump still has it all except in the mind of paranoid people.
Trump has made Trump into - a joke. nm
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I love Trump and am impressed with his non - political views and his BILLIONS of dollars
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A loving beautiful family, wonderful places to live, accomplishing goals, and billions of dollars.

And the Trump haters are jealous paranoid schizophrenics including the smug MSM who can never achieve what Trump did.
I hope that was sarcasm. - x
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Me too. - nm
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Dow downhill as reacts to Trump drama - see link

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Who is creating Trump drama and WHY? - Libs want their jobs back.

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Libs are not going to get their jobs back because they BLEW it with Hillary choice for president and they have no candidates to run in 2020 or 2018.

Libs are lost blasting Trump without a clue how to replace him with a viable Democratic candidate. Old Bernie? Pocahontas? Hillary dragging out her baggage again? LOL

Nope - Trump is creating - his own drama and then

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whines about it to the poor Coast Guard graduates instead of celebrating their day and providing good advice about their futures - selfish narcissist!
The dems and their benefactors are the ones - mt
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who need to be investigated.

Drama - AnotherMT

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Pocahontas? Really? Racist much? I don't know why I'm surprised that a Trump supporter would be racist, wow, just wow....

"you get the politicians you deserve"

Remember that when you have no job, money, a place to live and no health care...you and people like you deserve everything you get with this so-called President. He brought the misery onto himself and now onto us....wow! The only thing you know how to do is call names and invoke Bill and Hillary over and over...you do realize they are not in office, right? Deal with the guy YOU put into office...

Look at that, I said all I needed to without any name calling...lol

Yes, I live in the Northeast, in a very blue state, well educated and proud of it.
All they have is name-calling. They certainly - dont have any actual FACTS.
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Trump is not going to save ANYONE'S job. - And that includes his own.

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