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Korea becoming inevitable?

Posted: Apr 17, 2017



Korea has been inevitable for years. - Sickening 90 DAYS???

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Where have you been? Never heard of North Korea threats before 90 days ago? Think they developed these weapons in 90 days? Think they built up the military in 90 days?

What a joke Trump haters are trying to pass off North Korea being created by Trump. Did you lefties get bored with the Russian connection and Trump going to his home in Palm Beach too often.

No, that is one of the sickening parts of the past - 90 days...and is it not amazing

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That no one but this sorry excuse for a president has brought us to this brink...and in lightning speed!

I will throw in a little history attachment too.

Delusional from the left - Save it. North Korea has been a threat for years

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How deep and delusional can the left go?

Russians, Palm Beach, son-in-law's clothes.

Ugly, ugly, ugly desperate lefties. Despicable.

No, the Russian connection is not - forgotten.

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In Trump's mind though, what better way to deflect from that than start a nuclear war! Nobody wins in a nuclear war, except Trump who will be hidden in a bunker somewhere.

I know, right? The movie "Blast from the Past" has been replaying - in my head. LOL, sm

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It was a great movie. I really loved it.

Hold on. Are you saying North Korea became a threat - in the last 90 days?

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It seems they have been under crazy leadership for years. Can you tell me how you came to the conclusion this just started in the past 90 days.

N.Korea has been a threat for ages. BUT, up - until now, our former leaders - sm -

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have at least tried to forestall nuclear war. Trump WANTS a war, and it's looking more likely every day that he's going to get what he wants.

Deals with North Korea in the 1990s are how we ended up where - we are today ala Bill Clinton and

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Madeline Albright who gavee NK a tested and working ICBM tipped with multiple independantly retargetable nuclear warheads and mad them promise they’ll use it only for a "peaceful non-threatening purpose" and then they called it a "diplomatic triumph and the world was a safer place."
Actually this is how we ended up where - we are today
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"My God, what have we done?" - Robert Lewis co-pilot of the Enola Gay

It doesn't matter how we got here, it's what we do now.

Maybe his wife could - nudge him to

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stop trying to start a war like she nudged him to put his hand over his heart for the national anthem.
Maybe your significant other could nudge you to - stop your Trump obsessesion/hate
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The haters are out in full force with nothing but lies and nonsense.

I bet family and friends just love listening to leftie rants.
What lie? She nudged him to put his hand - over his heart during the national anthem
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She and Baron did it right away and she nudged him because he wasn't.

In this world where everything is "relative" some people - actually believe that North Korea

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with nukes is somehow new.

There are some absolute truths that moral laws are the social force that restrains humans. This comes from the Bible. Truth is not relative.

Obama said in his book that there are no absolute truths. I don't believe that.

North Korea has been trying to launch missiles since at least the 90s. What is different now is China is not on board with them. It's Iran that has me worried, although you won't hear that in the media.

The only way to bring lasting peace to the Korean - peninsula is to convince China

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that they will be held accountable for anything their puppet does.

China would not be nuclear capable if it were not for Bill Clinton. These things take decades.
We may not have decades with the nut in the - White House
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"We have nucs why don't we use them?"
More Trump hate without any logical - posts. A little whine with lunch?
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Simply pitiful sore loser lefties.
That's what he said. - I didn't say his comment was logical but he s
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said it.

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