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GOP lawyer assaulted woman at RNC.

Posted: Sep 3, 2012

Just shaking my head.  Lie, cheat, kidnap delegates on buses to keep them from getting back to a rules committee vote, and assault.  Apparently, the GOP is willing to stoop to anything to defeat Obama.




Why am I not surprised?...sm - JTBB

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Considering the speeches that were rather angry sounding and the nut throwers, I would say this is just par for the course.

Working towards a campaign of fear and anger, they are just bound to have incidents like this.

Notice immediate attempts above to bury this post...LOLOLOL - JTBB

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Get over yourself::How can anyone know what - someone else across the country

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is working on posting at any give point in time.

You're not that important - So get over yourself, we all have.

P.S. Clearly a large segment of posters are not nearly as interested in you as you are in yourself.
Exactly!! Would be nice to see some critical thinking - Probably too much to ask for""
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Oh, please. The pile-on tactic has become par for the course - these days.
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Trying to claim otherwise is an insult to posters' intelligence and does nothing to turn fact into fiction, and the personal attacks only end up making you look quite tiny.

We will just keep giving it sunshine and ignore the trolls. - nm

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What does that mean? - SK1

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"Bury a post?"

Asking sincerely.... I don't know what that means.
That's what I was wondering. No post is being "buried" - And immediately???
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I guess someone having a difference of opinion will be be accused of trying to "bury" a post, although I see no post being buried. In fact I'm pretty sure that is physically impossible. People post and people reply. Pretty simple concept really.

Oh yes, and it was "immediate". There are usually over 300 people on this bard at a given time. Maybe posters should get designated times as to when they can reply, like you read a post and you can't reply any sooner that 43 minutes later. This way they won't be accused of "immediately" replying.

It's a lawyer, Dem or Pub, what difference? - They're all alike. LOL:::

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No, dear. Mitt's special campaign atty - was forced to apologize

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to State Senator Margaret Sitte R-ND for Vincent de Vito's bullying and shoving a woman around, trying to prevent the minority petition against the rules changes from being circulated. De Vito is the current Chief Legal Counsel for the MassGOP. Do you endorse these tactics or what?

Truly appalling... - SK1

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At this point, I don't think that America needs a president, it needs a mother! What childish, reprehensible behavior.

par for the course - nm

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