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Hot flashes! ugh!

Posted: Apr 30, 2013

I've been dealing with hot flashes for a couple of years now, and just recently discovered that if I run the ceiling fan when I'm sleeping it helps a lot.  Unfortately, my husband doesn't like having it on, so when he comes to bed he shuts it off.  And then the hot flashes start again, waking me up.  I thought he was willing to try running it on the lowest speed, which doesn't help me as much, but I was willing to compromise.  Apparently, he doesn't like that, either and is still shutting the darn thing off.

I suggested we put a ceiling fan in the spare bedroom and I'll sleep in there, but he doesn't like that idea, either.

Irritability is another big symptom of menopause, but I never had that problem... until now!  lol    And he's about to find out... after I get a nap with the ceiling fan cranking!


I have a small fan on my night table - budmt

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for hot flashes at night. I also am not having as many hot flashes since I started taking a small dose of hormones that my ob/gyn prescribed for me. They do have some over the counter menopause meds that might help if you don't want to use prescription hormones.

hot flashes - me

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B6 100 mg, vitamin # 100 mg daily for hot flashes. :) They say Effexor is good also, but it didn't work for me.

yes, i have one on my desk... s/m - OHMT

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and it's on and off all day long! But it's battery operated, so I'd have to find one that plugs in for my nightstand, and then make room for it (it's a really small night stand!).

I tried Premarin, hated the smell, tried bioidenticals, hated the hassle.

I tried some stuff I got from the health food store, worked fine in the beginning but after awhile it couldn't keep up, so I quit taking them. My husband laughs at me all the time. I have a ratty old sweater that I wear around the house... the sweater comes off, then the fan goes on... then a few minutes later, turn the fan off, put the sweater back on. You'd think with all that going on and all the sweating I'd be burning some calories, huh? Fat chance!

I just wish I could go back to age 35 and stay there!

Same problem - see msg

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Hubby doesn't like our ceiling fan over the bed, either, because his arthritis in his shoulder acts up. SO, since I don't want him in pain, I put a small fan on the floor and pointed it upwards towards the bed on my side of the bed. It doesn't affect him in the least.

Also, take a warm/hot shower about an hour before bed. Yes, a warm/hot one, not a cold one. Warm/hot water opens the pores and allows the body to cool. Cold water shuts the pores off and heat can't escape.

I also tie my hair up and wear only 100% cotton to sleep in.

flashes - anon

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I take the vitamin that is out for post menopausal women. It is expensive, but it works for me. I have been dealing with hot flashes now since I was 35. Believe me, if I didn't have a fan on in my bedroom, I would be miserable! Tell hubby to sleep in the other bed. LOL>

I never had hot flashes but my next door - neighbor the other day

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was telling me about how much it costs to get her all cotton blouses done at the dry cleaners. I asked about why the 100% cotton cause I know how it wrinkles and that is when she was teling me what she had been going thru. She really was asking did I know anyone who ironed (which I have not done in years, wash and wear here) and told me it costs her $4.00 each time she has a blouse sent to the dry cleaners and she does that everytime she wears one. I was thinking with her and her husband's cost of dry cleaning they probably spent at least $25-30 per week for that alone.
No Ironing Here - see msg
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I just hang the shirts in the bathroom while taking a warm/hot shower and the steam takes the wrinkles out of them as long as I catch them out of the dryer quick enough.

Also, I live in a humid climate (7 months out of the year, anyway) and I hang my laundry out on the porch.

Other option: Put a damp rag or towel in the dryer with the dry wrinkled shirt. Takes the crinkles right out of them.

believe me, I'm tempted! - OHMT

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Problem is, the bed in the other room is just a single, and he's 6' 2". Cracks me up just thinking how he would look trying to fold himself into that little bed!

Can you tell me the name of the vitamin you're talking about? I'd like to find something that deals with some of the other issues of menopause as well (and so would my husband... he's feeling neglected! lol) but I don't want any weird side effects.
vitamin - anon
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Yes, it is One A Day Menopause formula.  I don't know where you live, but I am in Chicago and we have that here.  It is in a purple package.  The bottle is purple and white. Another thing I take is pre-natal vitamins. I have felt better since taking these two. But, I also take antidepressants and I know you wouldn't want to take those, but those help, also.

Thanks for the info! nm - OHMT
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I take an over-the-counter remedy - sm

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The brand name is Estrovera, and it contains a rhubarb extract. My pharmacist told me it's very popular in Europe. I do believe this has decreased the frequency of my hot flashes. One day I decided to time them (before the Estrovera starting kicking in), and they happened every 25 minutes. I also get the chills afterwards, like another poster said. So it was on with the sweater, off with the sweater AND the shirt and in front of the fan, and the cycle continued. I only get a few a day now. At night, I'm usually okay until about 4 a.m. So weird, but I just read somewhere that our estrogen really dips at about that time, so I guess it makes sense.

I heard aerobic exercise is supposed to be good, so another thing that I think has helped me is I hike vigorously about an hour or so a day.

Hopefully, we can transition through this time as quickly as possible. The hot flashes were way worse than I thought they would be, but I'm happy to have been able to stem them a bit.

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