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Celebrity Apprentice

Posted: May 14, 2012

Surprised and delighted that Aubrey was given the last minute boot. The final 2 - Arsenio and Clay - did not really stand out, in my opinion.  They both did well but were not superstars in their tasks like previous seasons.  I noticed the following did not return: Ferrigno, Victoria Gotti, both Hispanics, Cheryl T and Tia (think that is her name).  I don't strongly prefer either finalist over the other so I will be happy for whoever wins.



I agree - Zville MT

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I was surprised about the final two and I was kinda disappointed that Lou Ferrigno didn't return - I really like him! I wasn't surprised Cheryl didn't return - wasn't she the one that sort of quit? I like both Arsenio and Clay, but I think I favor Arsenio more because I grew up watching him in movies and then on his short-lived late night show.

Aubrey was fired!!?? I'm doing the happy dance! - Bindi

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Wow. I'm stunned. I thought she was a lock-in for the final 2. I'm sure in her mind she was (he-he). I didn't get a chance to watch it last night. Bravo will re-run it in the wee hours next Saturday so I'll catch it then. For some reason, I thought last night was the finale, but that's not until next week?

it was the 2-hour pre-finale - donald dragging it out

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Next Sunday the final task judged and I think "live" selection of winner. Maybe the missing celebs will return for that.

Big letdown to me. Last year, 2 quality players - in finale... this year.. blah.. downhill.nm

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